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Apr 18, 2008
Hey all!

Okay, so there is this local band here in michigan who isn't very big at all, who I was producing/mixing and mastering their newest and debut album. Their name is Silent Lapse. Great band, and after doing a few songs and getting 50 percent done with the album they say Jens Bogren finally emailed them back and took the project. I was fired yes, but they are done with their album its out now, songs on myspace, and Jens mixed and mastered it. Great sounding CD, thought you should check it out!

I think my harddrive still has raw tracks from this too. Anyway, check it out!
yeah of course. It sucked cause it was an abrubt email your done we dont need ya now, here's some cash and have fun. I passed up other good bands for them haha.
Ha. Understood man. I know it looks weird, too i'm deleating it as it is just nonsense to most people ha.
Good sounding mix, but the drums are too dry for my taste. Jens is normally pretty big on room mics (or at least mixing in room mic samples) and reverb with drums, so I'm a little surprised. A lot of that "Jens Bogren bigness" seems to be missing...
I've talked to Jens about it, he did do it. Here's one of their blog posts

Thursday, March 05, 2009
...and done!
Current mood: accomplished

We're finally done! I know that many of you have been waiting for the release of the CD and consider that the "done date", but this is what we in the band have been waiting for. All of our recording/editing/long sleepless nights working in the shed are over (until the next CD, but let's not talk about that right now).

It really has been a stressful but worth-while 8 months. We've had to make a lot of sacrifices in a lot of other areas of our lives to get this thing done well, so we're all very excited to spend some time enjoying our families and friends again without this thing looming over our shoulders at all times.

That being said, we're also ready to start playing out and seeing you guys at shows again! Maybe it's been said before, but there were many times when we thought making the CD wasn't worth it, but your responses before/during/after the live shows made us realize why we do it! It's fricking fun! Thanks for the support and we want you to know that we appreciate it and you were probably more a part of the CD creation process than you thought!

Regarding the progress and what's happening now:

The hard drive is on its way to Sweden at this very moment to be mixed and mastered by the amazing Jens Bogren. If you haven't listened to any of his stuff before, you should! Katationia - The Great Cold Distance or Opeth - Watershed are both great examples of his work.

While all this is going on with the audio portion of things we're going to get the CD art finalized and begin work on a functional website with many more features than the current Birthright hint one. This should hopefully be up and running when the CD is released and should provide a way for you to buy the disk online if you can't come out and see us.

We'll be playing at the Oakwood in Pewamo in the midst of all this and are looking quite forward to throwing some covers into our set again. It's going to be a great time!

Kind of lengthy, but I think that brings you all up to speed.

Good to blog to you again!