My band's first single - mastered by Jens Bogren

Parka Dez

Jun 30, 2009
Hey guys,

Today my band The Safety Fire launched the first single from our forthcoming album album "Grind the Ocean" which will be released on InsideOut Music. The album was mastered be Jens Bogren and tracked and mixed myself.

Love to hear people's thoughts on it.


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really digging your songs since I first heard them, need your cd as soon as possible!
Had to "rip" some of your songs from youtube for my mp3 player, listening to them
every morning while going to work :D

And another question, what pickups do you have in your tele-bareknuckles?
Thank you for all the kind words guys!

This board has been an amazing source of information and inspiration for me, so I am so glad to see you guys are digging it. Thank you!

For those of you who have mentioned, the track will be available on iTunes and other digital outlets from September 4th in the UK, 19th EU and 20th US.