My band's first single - mastered by Jens Bogren

Thank you for all the feedback guys, really great to see!

Ermz - Big fan of your work, thank you!

TaylorG - Anything specific? Let me know!
Actually quite enjoyed this, the vocals seem quite incongruous at places like the lyric has just been pulled off the page and not bastardised for the sake of musical flow which I found quite quite interesting.

Liked the video as well, totally zoned out to the spacey jazz bit in the middle.
Right on dude, glad to see you were able to work out a proper release! I still have the unmastered files, I'd love to compare them to the mastered ones ;)
fucking awesome!

...i just don't get the words,
i felt like i was watching one of those "misheard lyrics" videos :lol:
Sorry for the late reply guys, currently on tour!

Jeff is on the money for the setup. I reamped with several different amps (you can see some of the recording process here - and

Clean vocals were done with a CharterOak SA538, absolutely love that mic.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated.
Saw this video posted by someone in Chango Studios Facebook Group lol. The song is amazing though, that was my first time hearing and Im really diggin yall. Vocals kinda remind me of Tommy Giles, mixed with Jake Snider from Minus The Bear. Serk shit.