A Mind Forever Voyaging
Jul 10, 2001
Grave with a view
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For the sixth time, SUMMONING opens the gates leading to Middle Earth to tell of great battles, of ancient magic, singing swords, and the call to arms of great heroes and powerful warlords.

The road to this Tolkien inspired release begins 2 months prior, as Silenius and Protector begin meeting once a week to pound out the material for the saga that will become, Let the Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame. Not until the band is satisfied with their creative output, after all they must achieve their special brand of signature SUMMONING songs, do they feel ready to begin the recording. What better way to gauge the effectiveness of their compositions than with the help of mere coincidence.

Following an evening of grueling rehearsal, Protector burned Silenius a rough mix of the material. Instead of finding his way home, however, Silenius made a detour to the now infamous Cafe Zeitstop to play the mix at an audible level on the bar's system.

As fate would have it, a couple that was there to enjoy some drinks was soon confronted with the new sounds. They immediately ask Zeitstop owner Ali if what they heard was SUMMONING, as they wanted to purchase it. Ali refered them to Silenius, who told them that it was not yet for sale, but that it was indeed new SUMMONING material.

A bit suspicious of this answer, they then inquire as to how it was that he had it:

I was forced to admit who I was. At first, I felt uncomfortable. As you know, I am quite a private individual and prefer to stay behind the scenes, but I later realized that this was a major compliment, especially since this couple was not one that typically listens to metal. — Silenius

The couple may have not been the average metal fan, but they were regulars at the Zeitstop and had heard Ali playing Stronghold many times in the past. They were very much taken with the unfamiliar sounds and immediately became proponents of the band, buying their releases without further ado. Upon hearing the new material (in a very rough form) they immediately recognized it as their one and only SUMMONING.

Shortly thereafter, the recording process began from the humble confines of Protector's own Nachtschatten Studio (Nightshade Studio). Working in many horn and trumpet parts to compliment Silenius' featured melody lines, as well as heavily relying on kettle drums and tom tom rhythm sections, Protector starts to mold the final product.

We both agreed that Stronghold turned out to be a guitar-oriented album for our standards and decided that this release should emphasize the keyboard arrangements more prominently. Not the guitars, but the keyboards should dictate the extra melody lines. — Protector

Protector recalls some difficulties during the recording process, particularly with certain guitar parts. These were composed on the keyboard for guitar, as he feels more comfortable caressing the keys than strumming guitars.

Sometimes it was difficult for me to play the complex riffs cleanly on the guitar. But, after trial and tribulation, I managed to overcome this obstacle. — Protector

Both members felt it important to learn from their past releases and apply this newly acquired knowledge. Thus, they agreed to keep the complex rhythm guitar patterns heard on Stronghold, without ignoring the more typical, but nevertheless equally important, black metal influenced, tremolo-based riffs.

Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame should merge the strengths of past SUMMONING albums with the strengths of Stronghold. — Silenius

The band took care to meticulously create the perfect concoction of old and new, spending as much time as necessary to record the guitars so that net their high expectations. The vocals tracks, on the other hand, were recorded in one take.

Last but not least, we added samples from a Lord of the Rings recording to certain songs, which brought them even more to life and also harmonized wonderfully with the vocal parts. — Protector

According to Silenius, this release does not make use of female vocals at all. The band purposely excluded them, so as to not come remotely close to the style found in the popular gothic metal of today. However, a first for SUMMONING, the track Farewell features both Silenius and Protector as melodic singers. Yes, fans will be bombarded with a choir of clean, crisp vocals stemming from these two well-known growlers.

As previously mentioned, Nachtschatten Studio was once again the chosen location for the recording process. Protector counts on the reliability of his equipment to produce a professional product, which includes digital recording amenities (PC and Yamaha DSP Factory Soundcard combined with Logic Audio Platinum software), a KG C3000 condenser microphone, a Behringer Preamp, a Tubeman II preamp, a Korg Trinity Synthesizer, and a Roland JV 1080 Synthesizer Module.

Nachtschatten Studio, as can be inferred from the aforementioned equipment list, does not rely on a outboard mixing console. Instead, Protector prefers to work solely with his PC and soundcard, which is equipped with an internal digital mixing board, to achieve the desired sound:

This is the optimal solution for me,since I lack the space and the desire to invest the money into a huge external console that for 3 times the money provides me with a comparable sound to that which I achieve with my current setup. — Protector

Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame has an approximate duration of 55 minutes distributed among 8 tracks. These include the following titles in no particular order:

A New Power Is Rising (Intro), South Away, In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells, The Runes Of Power (title subject to change), Ashen Cold, The Moutain King's Return, Our Foes Shall Fall, and Farewell.

Farewell, leave the shore to an ocean wide and untamed
Hold your shield high, let the wind bring your enemy your nightmare
By the bane of my blade, a mighty spell is made
And far beyond the battle, blood shall fall like a hard rain. — Farewell

The lyrics are inspired by Tolkien's songs and poetry, as one might expect, but also from fantasy author (and former Hawkwind guitarist and mastermind) Michael Moorcock. The actual lyrics do not go into detail or follow specific story lines from Tolkien's work. They are more generalized, as both Silenius and Protector wanted to challenge the listener's imagination.

Beyond the ocean brews a battle
Beyond the battle blood shall fall
To a place where man forsaken
Dwells the one who should not live
— Ashen Cold

In contrast, the spoken samples recite the passages of The Lord of the Rings verbatim.

Currently, SUMMONING has entered the final stages of production. They have begun mastering a CD whose beating drums, resounding horns, and epic battle cries promise to transport the listener to a unique world full of adventure and magic, one not yet experienced by any mortal soul.

When the suns rises slowly over the horizon of Middle Earth, powerful drums in the distance will tell of great deeds. And ravens will announce the approach of hoarding armies, the time of myths and legends, of heroism and sacrifice... would like to thank Protector and Silenius for their invaluable cooperation in making this feature possible.
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YAYYYYY!!!!!! Oh man I can't wait!!!!! I am listening to Stronghold, and lately i have been realizing what a great album it is. What does everyone else think of summoning? What is their best album? I only have Stronghold... :(
I agree with Anthony, Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul are amazing, even better than stronghold according to me. Try also the Nightshade Forests MCD, but drop their first CD Lugburz which is only pure raw BM !:cool: