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Oct 28, 2004
I'm willing to get a custom Jackson or ESP guitar and I would like to hear your technical opinion about the pickups because I'm really confused about
them! What would you recommend from the following options:

- Bridge HUM pickup only! (such as EMG-81 or EMG-HZ)

- Middle HUM pickup only! (such as EMG-81 or EMG-HZ)

- Neck HUM pickup only! (such as EMG-81 or EMG-HZ)

- or Bridge and Neck HUM pickups. (EMG-HZs or EMG-81s)

My style is more like Black/ Death Melodic Metal

I know you're probably busy preparing for the upcoming gig, and I'll wait for your opinion =p
Well, I can`t recommend any of those. I have no experince of them. Just get the pickups that sound to your year best. My new handmade guitar which is on the way is going to have Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.
I got two, neck & bridge, pickups hums DiMarzio Evolution on my js30(gay) jackson guitar. kinda steveish, but not bad at all when it comes to the solos, great for kalmah's solos.

I tried the EMG-HZ (H4), its rocks when its placed in the bridge! a great sound! but dont try to put this hum anywhere else! it will fu*k the sound a bit.

The EMG-81 is an active pickup, kinda pain in the ass if you like to play for hours. But i didnt try this one, some say its a kickass pickup.
I've tried both EMG-HZ and EMG-81.. there is a difference (obviously!), first comes the sound, EMG-81's sound is a bit clearer than EMG-HZ, but ain't matter to me! When I played with EMG-HZs then pluged EMG-81 and played, the volume was higher than the HZs... etc
This thread should've been deleted weeks ago!
Get a set of EMG-81 + Emg-85 thats the best EMG combo, if you want a good neck pickup try a Seymore Duncan Jazz they are excellent, also another good Bridge pickup is the Dimarzio X2N, it rocks!
as I said before, this thread should've been closed months ago! hehe
Anyways, I'm going with bridge/neck EMG-81s
EMG-81/EMG-85 combo is mostly used by rythem guitarist (didn't say all do!)
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