The Living Fields/Solemnus Split Project

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Productions
May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
Area for chatting about this project. Basically it would involve Jason (from the Living fields and myself). Some details and items to discuss:

  • Estimate date for pressing? Q1 2006
  • Artwork and layout
  • Jason has the master for TLF and I'm pretty sure WAVs for Solemnus
  • will press 500 or 1000 (minor price different but maybe 500 limited)
Ok i saw we use the main large image we picked out. I emailed Cor (forgot his full name) to join our message forum. So basically we are waiting for Jason to get me the layout and show me the space I can put a blurb in about Solemnus. We should try to use of the artwork That Solemnus gave for the pictures and names if possible or a little thumbnail of the demo releases. I'll see what more text info I can get from Solemnus. But atleast we have the WAVs and some low res artwork ( I send some old stuff- but then again I have some higher res scans/images with the whole Solemnus demo being shown). Let me know what you need.
specs.. 500 to 1000 cds (probably 500 limited)
2 pages (is that 4 panels?)
4/1 booklet, 4/0 insert unless it's no price different for 4/1
cd face - the less colors the better but i don't want it like one color text on silver or anything - i prefer a graphic

did I leave anything out? I'm track times?
Solemnus - A Nightshade Symphony
01 - Scarred 5:59
02 - Howling At The Moon 5:10
03 - A Nightshade Symphony 5:24
04 - Wings Of Gold 7:15
total: 23:48