Shroud/Withersoul Split Project

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Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Productions
May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
Maybe we can funnel discuss about this project through here.
  • Estimated pressing start late Jan 2006
  • Need to plan layout - details, space , etc
  • Recording and mastering
  • Funding options/ideas, breakdown of cds
Recording wise..we've got almost all the instrumental tracks done...(with a few minor touch ups to do)...this weekend we're going to try to nail down all the vocals... so things look like we're running right on time..

I honestly think we need to promote this as an exclusive "limited" release.. for some reason...doom metal fans go apeshit over that stuff..
I agree that it would be cool to do a limited release. But I think we need atleast 1000 cds. Mark can you get Dan into this conversation? Can we get the layout started to make sure all the thank you's will fit .. if not lets talk about space - but really we should try to please both bands- especially if having something special in the thank you list means alot to a band - we can work things out.
i am here, not because of that skinny fag mark!!!

lol jeremey talked me into posting here.

so i don't really see the big deal with the "limited" idea, but whatever you guys think man. i don't think it will make a difference, either way.
That's cool man...I'm definately not making a huge issue over it.. just a suggestion... One thing we need to figure if we need to add another page or not..and how everyone is going to swing it financially...

Something completely fucked happened to the band on the way back from the studio last night...we were driving home after recording vocals..driving home in Laura car...we hit a fucking deer DEAD on going 55 mph.. It completely messed up Laura's car completely in the front.. the thing flew up on top of the car and then over on the road about 20 feet away.. We were damn lucky we didn't the car I was driving (covertable 2002 mustang)..or we would have been seriously injured..but luckily..we just got rattled instead...

The ironic thing is...this is the fucking SECOND time we've hit a fucking deer coming from the studio.. I hit a deer earlier this year when we were doing the sessions in Lynchburg...

Do Deer have something against doom metal or something? :)
CD cover of the magnificient split with two of my fave bands:

Looks good.. do you think we should make the "oak knoll presents" line a little less contrasty? He can make the innercard a little more greyscale than just black and white.. like black, white, grey (combo of b&w)?? Maybe texture the font.. marble-ize it.. etch, stone, sound like an idea?
So here is the dealio - 1000 cds (i'm going to see if i can get more, maybe 1200). Dan and I are paying 1/2 the costs each. Dan and I will split the cds and I'll give Bill 100 and Dan will give Bill 50. We NEED the artwork due by early to mid next week and deposit (I can have mine next Friday , I hope). Dan and I will get together Sat to get things moving along. If Mark doesn't have the band photos by Saturday evening we'll drive over to his house and give him a super wedgie!

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