The Next Album Direction


Next in Line
Nov 24, 2001
Reading the board ive noticed that alot of people didnt like the direction taken on DHIADW.

That album was what got me hooked on nevermore and it blows me away everytime. For me it stands out from the rest as my favourite because of the continuous energy from start to finish without a weak song on it.

For the next album WD asked about our views on the seven string and whether Jeff should keep using it, use both 6 or 7 string or to get rid of it completely.

I would love to see a mix of the 6 and seven string use. The 7 really went well with the slower songs such as the heart collecter but for the faster songs it would be great to see a mix like polotics/DH creating a more thrashier tight sound but keeping the low heavy sections.

What would you like to see from Enemies of Reality?

There is no doubt it will kick ass as there is talks of polotics and the use of a seven string so who knows. \m/:D
the next album to compare the complexity and technique of POE with the feeling and dark emotions of DNB and In Memory. And concerning the production i'll still take the Blackwater idea ;-)
as long as they dont repeat themselves(so far they havent)
and dont overload the album with queer-ass ballads, i dont give a fuck what they do. that would be an enormous waste
of talent if they fagged out like metallica.

each nevermore album is so different from the one before, and thats what makes it interesting, even though i didnt like DHIADW as much, it still rules, and its better than hearing rehashed stuff.

i would expect the new album to be very different..... but if i hear a bunch of faggot songs, ill be pissed!