The Updated Multis to Mix Thread

this thread is a godsent, thanks for this! Excellent mixing practice and awesome covers too! Been lurking around these forums for a while and I dont post much, but I learned alot from you guys around here and just had to atleast post in here to thank the OP for posting this. This better get stickied!
Hey guys! I noticed some of my newer mixing practices wasn't added, so I will post a link to those that are missing:

I've also just recently uploaded all my multitracks on Google Drive, and gone through each of my threads and updated them with working links, so everything should be working now! (I have had some problems in the past with Dropbox links shutting down etc.)

I should also mention that I'm working on an instrumental cover of Volumes - Edge of the Earth that is now in the mixing stage. Will release multitracks for those as well, hope someone will find them useful!