The Writing on the Wall


Pillock of society
Apr 16, 2001
What do we think of it? The song is decent enough, but the sound on the video is weirdly tinny, like an mp3 ripped at 128k.

Our bassist Andy asked the same thing on Facebook the other day and my response was:

It's... fine? The production is typical modern Maiden, which is pretty careless feeling, and it feels pretty tired overall - vocals especially. The chorus really needed to lift a little more. Adrian's solo was pretty great, though, but that's no surprise! Clip was fun. Cover art is... there. I mean it's a decent album track. Dunno if I would have lead with this one.

Keen for the album but I think these guys need a couple of hot curries and a modern producer to give it all a good shake. You can hear that although these guys are getting on that they still have the goods to deliver, but it feels a bit like they're coasting rather than going all out. It needs more of that old piss and vinegar punk attitude back.

Seems to be a fairly common sentiment on there. LINK
I don't mind it. Interested to see how the album shapes up. Initially I thought it was a bit weak and maybe the writing really was on the wall for Maiden but after a few listens I think it progresses well from Book Of Souls. I've read a heap of people complaining that Maiden should be writing 3-4 min singles and therefore these longer songs suck and should be avoided but I think they still do them well, maybe not perfect but so little is these days.
I am a big fan of 70s prog rock reunion era Maiden, so I like it quite a lot. The audio in the video is odd, but the Spotify version sounds great. On first listen I found Bruce to be the weakest link, but I am getting used to his aging voice. I think it can work in the studio, but god I wish he would stand still and focus on singing live rather than running around so much these days. The last live album wasn't his finest hour to say the least (although when they toured in 2016 I thought he sounded great).