Themis Eyes - My Funeral (DFH Superior + Line 6 Floor POD + Handmade Bass Samples)


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Mar 2, 2009
Hi guys! I`ve made a record, and I want you to hear this track, and tell your point of view about sound and stuff generally.

thanks !!! about Floor POD presets: it dont have USB connection to computer, so its impossible... But its was quad guitar: 2 mesa + 2 soldano + much eq )))
about drums: im replace kick/snare samples by my owns, toms are from sup1, ohs from sup2... There are a lot of compres and eq
Handmade bass samples ? wow dude tell me about it ill love to try those, are you using the bass samples in kontak ?
The song sounds killer , the synths are way to loud i think , drums get lost in that part .
Yes... im record more than 700 samples: 12 -18 samples per note up & down with only max velocity, then in kontakt im made 18 groups and each note im put in this roundrobin groups/// its not easy to discribe with my knowledge of English (((... but sound its very realistic, better than other not free librares =)
About synths: you are possible right. There a difficult part where many guitars enter together. I tried to allocate octaves possibly I was mistaken...