Tonight's Decision artwork


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this is my first post here :p

i got tonight's decsion about 6 months ago, and its the peaceville reissue in the digipak.

i've noticed that on travis smith's website theres a load of pics from tonight's decsion that aint on my digi pak. the other day when i was in sydney i saw for the first time ever a copy of tonight's decision and it was a jewel case inside a slip case (like my anathema 2000 peaceville reissues), asnd it had the 2 bonus tracks. so does this version have all the cool artwork that on travis smith's site. cause if so i might go and buy it cause i don't really like the digi pak, and i really love travis smith's artwork.

anyone know if this is the version i'm looking for, or would i have to get one of the original versions that doesn't have the bonus tracks (which i'm sure don't exist in australia)?
I have a version I bought from Utopia in Sydney a year ago, it has normal booklet with all the artwork (I am pretty certain) and is in a jewel case with a cardboard slip-cover, it also contains the bonus tracks.

Hope this helps :)
yeah man.. i got mine in utopia, but i've never seen the jewel case version there..
the copy i saw is in HMV.
um.. does your have any of these pics cause mine doesn't...



i'vve seen anathema digi paks that my friends bought and they look really shit in comparison to the versions i bought, so if iths the same case with tonight's decision then i'm gonna sell the digipak and get that old one
Digipaks mostly have the booklet inside man, I actually prefer digipaks.
The hanging woman is the background for the black session lyrics in my booklet, I would have to go get the booklet to tell you the rest, will do that later.
I've got the version without bouns tracks...and yeah there are more pages than those you have scanned...

band members photos, a pic of a house, the other photos you posted before and another with a chair with a crow on it.
I don't have the photo with the chair and the man sitting on it.
The packaging for some Katatonia albums absolutely blows. I have a big dislike for the Last Fair Deal Gone Down puzzle packaging and if I'm ever going to buy Tonight's Decision then it's going to be the first pressing without the bonus tracks. I assume that version is a jewel case one? Sucks that there's no jewel case version for Last Fair Deal.
I prefer booklets, really.

Besides, if the first pressing of Tonight's Decision has more artwork then that's another reason for trying to find it one day.