Anyone going to the Tool concert at the Air Canada concert in Toronto today? Just curious. It's going to kcik ass!
The new one sounds like its a baby learning new key's, why pay $50 to see a strungout band, not know anything...

Get real.

I'm not a Maynard fan, though I did like when he was in A Perfect Circle for the song Judith... Not a modern rock fan, but the lyrics were good enough to make me like that one piece.
yOUR aloser in the game of life, trying look like the cockney dudes, out of LOCK, STOCK tv show hey...
hey dickweed...
It was realy scary was it for ya.

Get down with some real SANTANA. I bet my full beer can to your face would be better than a gun.

True Light- I think I have unlocked the mystery of who you are, and if it is who I think, this board has another thing coming hahahaah. if is is the mighty Mr. T, I am glad to see you here
Learn something new every day
As long as you are learning, you are living
When you stop learning, you start dying