triggering drumagog via midi in pro tools?


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I have the midi track routed to drumagog, have midi input selected on drumagog, and it's triggering. The problem is that every single hit is a double trigger. If i select "dynamic tracking" on drumagog, it cuts out the double triggering, but it doesnt pick up all the hits.

All of the resolution and sensitivity controls in drumagog seem to be useless when triggering with midi, so what should i do to get accurate triggering on drumagog via midi?
If you are only triggering Slate GOGs, try using the Slate Kontakt player for the MIDI instead in case you can't find a resolution. If you are using your own custom GOGs I don't know what to tell you... I use apTrigga wrapped into Pro Tools and it triggers flawlessly from MIDI :/
I figured it out. Just had to select all the midi notes and slide them back a bit to make them shorter.

nevermind, that just makes it double trigger even closer together.

such a pain in the ass. There is no settings that change this in drumagog, so i have no idea what to do
" The midi input issue is something that's cropped up in Pro Tools 8, and I'm working on fixing it. I'll keep you posted about a solution.

Rim "

It doesn't work. sucks...
i might still use drumagog if it did.
I had this problem when i first set out using triggers and didn't have the pre amps to do trigger to pre.

I sent them to a midi converter i used in my live rig for my triggered kick. then it keep double firing in pro tools. so i then invested in a Roland TMC 6 ( which allows you to set the threshold, xtalk,etc like on the DM5 drum modules and took the midi out from that and it was fine.

Occasionally i had to go through and take out a doubled midi note here and there but not alot.