tube replacment for peavey ultra plus


Used by Protools
Dec 26, 2005
Detroit, MI
ok i replaced my peavey ultra plus 120 with sovtek 12ax7 preamp and svetlana 6l6 power amp tubes . Now it sounded really good for like 3 days and i pulled out 1 of the preamp tubes to let my bass player try it in his preamp. After that i put back in and it made some weired noises and was all microphonic and now it has a buzz like my old tubes that i replaced! (it was quite for 3 days with new tubes)

Im guessing i have a bad tube somewere :kickass:

My main question is really what are some good tube chocies for metal case im gona buy more tubes i electro harmonic to begin with and dint like them to much but the sovtek and svetlana sounded prety good but just wondering all your experince with diffrent tubes maybe even with this amp??:zombie: