Underrated as hell Power / Prog bands


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Jul 6, 2002
San Antonio, TX
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What are some Power Metal or Prog Metal bands out there that arent always mentioned, that arent all over the place, that not many people seem to like but you and the rest of the fans swear will be the next big thing if only people would give them a shot.


Human Fortress - This band is amazing and while their album and song titles might suggest mighty warriors of light lyrics, they arent and their singer is amazing. A pure voice if I've heard one.

Virgin Steele - have dedicated fans but still havent "broke out"

Pretty Maids, Bonfire, Pink Cream 69, Axxis, Harem Scarem - all these I lump together under Melodic Hard Rock and I wonder why they havent been able to get more of an audience.


Hubi Meisel

Vanishing Point

and I cant think of any right now too early hahha

What are some bands youd put there on that list, that you love but pretty much have to resign yourself to knowing youll never see live?

Rage (based on ProgPower IV response last year...half the people left and they were by miles de best band ever at a ProgPower Festival)
Machine Men (better than Maiden now a days)
DGM (one of best prog metal bands out there)
Grave Digger (legends)