A Melodic Rock band for Prog Power?

I'd love to see melodic metal/hard rock bands such as PC 69 or Pretty Maids.

Spock's Beard is getting way too soft IMO. Although I'm not a huge fan of the thrashier bands, at least they don't put me to sleep like Spock's Beard. Putting Spock's Beard in a middle slot would be like giving the crowd a near-fatal dose of morphine after a heavy shot of adrenaline. Having a soft band like this lead-off a night would be similar to starting the night with a hangover rather than ending with one.

I don't see any logic in placing a soft prog rock band in between acts like Tad Morose, Edguy, Evergrey, Mercenary, Symphony X, etc., They would just get crushed and sound very out of place.
I gotta thank some of you guys for recommending Shakra. I'd never even heard of them before. I found a couple of sample tracks, and based on that, ordered their latest album.

My initial impression puts them in the same category as PC69. They seem to have a compatible kind of sound and style, which suits me just fine. In this crazy world of all things metal, it's good to have a few bands that know how to write good hard rock.

Can't wait to check out the album in its entirety...

Thanks guys!

Rock on!
mgirishfan said:
Sure, PC 69 would be great, as well as Ten (are they still together??) but if I had only one vote it would go to...

E N C H A N T!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.......

Oh yeah, and YES. :tickled:

These guys have shown up in a few different people's 'wish lists' for future Prog Powers - they really should play.

(Hey Mare - you beat me to the punch! ;) )
Pink Cream 69 would be great as well as Axxis and a band from Germany called Gun Barrel. "Battle Tested" is their newest alnbum and is way better than their first one called "Power Dive". Dream Evil would also be a great choice.
Melodic Rock is vastly different than bands like Spocks Beard and Enchant. Completely different, try to find some samples of bands like Harem Scarem, Pretty Maids and youll see. There arent really any festivals ANYWHERE even in Europe that has bands such as these. The reason why I think one would be great for Prog Power is that they are A. different than the super technical prog or blazing Power Metal and B. they are highly energetic and would get the crowd going. I just think that a Melodic Rock band would be a huge benefit for the festival and would open the doors to many new outlets.

I don't think anyone is saying bands like Spock's Beard or The Flower Kings would be appropriate for PP. I will say that having seen the band five times, that Enchant WOULD be very appropriate for PP. They rock live, and fit into a prog metal band slot. They are much heavier live than on disc, and put on a great show.

I've never understood why it seems that PP should only be 10 power metal bands that sound the same, or that every band has to appeal to every person that buys a ticket. It's a festival, there should be some variety. If there's a band playing that you're not into, take a break and get some food or buy some CDs or something. That's what I do.

Bottom line, Glenn has done an amazing job of balancing between the prog and the power at the show, and will likely continue to do so...oh, and Pain Of Salvation is TOTALLY appropriate for PP. Anyone that was at the first PP can testify to that...