Melodic Metal


Mar 6, 2006
North Carolina
Not Prog Metal, not Power Metal....Melodic bands I think are really, really good...

Some of my current short-list favorites:

Pink Cream 69
Pretty Maids
Eden's Curse
Brazen Abbot

Any other fans? What other bands should we check out?

dunno if that even exists. Anyways, traditional metal, hard rock, and u.s. power metal usually are pretty melodic. Try those genres out

armored saint
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Bands like the ones I listed are very much Melodic Metal...Metal in the guitars, Melodic in the vocals...Hard Rock arrangements (more simple) w/ Metal leanings, but not Power Metal...

Example: Kamelot is Melodic, but the arrangements etc make it Power Metal...while Pink Cream 69 is also Melodic, but it's arrangements make it Melodic Metal...

Maybe I'm splintering too finely...but I find bands like the ones I listed to be in between Hard Rock & Power Metal, so...Melodic Metal...