VEHEMENCE on Metalblade DVD coming 3/23/04

Jan 8, 2002

The METAL BLADE RECORDS 20TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY DVD/CD is coming out March 23rd, 2004! Recorded live at The Palace in Hollywood, CA December 4th, 2002. The DVD features a live version of "God Was Created", the CD features a live early version of "Kill For God". Also on the DVD/CD combo are Cattle Decapitation, Engine, Lizzy Borden, Armored Saint, and Cannibal Corpse. There is also an interview with Brian Slagel where he discusses how he discovered and signed Vehemence.
The DvD starts out with God Was Created, and it was filmed with one camera. They mix it in with photos from that preformance during the song, it flashes along with the snare drum hits. I felt we diid good at the show, and the bonus disc includes the song Kill For God, it is played twice as fast it seems. That was when we were first breaking that song out. The song on that mp3 sounds pretty cool though, check it out for yourself! Buy it whereever available.