Want to help PERSUADER come to the US? READ ME =)


Photo Mistress
This is what I am posting on myspace and whatnot, so thought I'd just put the whole post in here as well since it mentions Persuader. BTW, I am Alina Michelle. :)


Horrorscope, Persuader, and SuidAkrA have the chance to play in the United States in 2008! Unfortunately, it costs a shitload of money for flights and whatnot to make this happen... So if anyone would like to “sponsor” any of these bands at all, they would absolutely appreciate it! I know they each have a lot of fans in the US that have expressed much interest in seeing the band live here, plus it’s long overdue for them to make their first appearance over here. Please do not seek direct contact from any of the bands about this, as they cannot give out any information yet, nor are they involved in the sponsorship. Instead, please contact me, Alina Michelle, by either sending me an email to swedishmetalusa@aol.com or a message via my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/photomistress with the subject line of ________ SPONSORSHIP (fill in the blank with the band you wish to help), as I will manage all offers of help. Please understand that I cannot give out any information about dates or events unless it is to people who really can consider helping out...

Here are links to the bands to check out in case you are not aware of one of them:


Hopefully the bands will see you next year and thanks for any help you wish to give!
@ DemonHelm - check your messages on myspace. :) Thanks for your patience.

@The Wicked One - thank you very much, I appreciate that! I run the ones for Kreator, Morgana Lefay, Tad Morose, Pathos, Dimension Zero, some of the Suidakra one, and Venom. hahaha Too many sometimes, but then again, it's good to keep these bands visable (sp?) to the fans, you know?
For those of you who wanted to know where, it has now been released:


Norway's SUSPERIA, Sweden's PERSUADER, and Poland's HORRORSCOPE have been booked for slots on CHICAGO POWERFEST 2008 (May 1-3), but need help financing the airfare for their trip to Chicago. There are just enough sponsorship packages available to cover those expenses & if enough sponsors come forward, the bands will be confirmed.

So now you know what it's all about. Just had to wait until the guys wanted to release the info. :)
Well since this plan bombed. I think we should all try to get Persuader over to Powerfest 09!
out of my own selfishness since Chicago is close enough for me to go to a festival for.

and i promise i will sponsor this time!
cool, well now you left me hanging here. put your band link in a sig so you can promote your band.

anyway, from what i see Powerfest 09 is almost 100% gonna happen. In any case there are some bands that will also tour that could pick up say idk a great supporting act?

Warbringer has toured extensively and will be recording another album. I wouldn't find it hard to believe them doing a headlining tour in the future.

Arsis, when are these guys not touring?

Into Eternity, For right now they are supporting IE but i can't think of a reason why they won't have a headlining follow up.

I wish that Persuader would do a headlining tour but my poor excuse for a metal country would wonder what your logo actually is.:lol:
And honestly when will Amon Amarth or even COB get the brains to invite you on a tour of theirs?