What about books? (what about dogs? what about... hehe)


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Sep 11, 2001
Neverwhere. hehe.
Terry Pratchett - everything.
Neil Gaiman - everything (the comics and the novels)
Hermann Hesse - everything.
William Shakespeare - ALL AND EVERYTHING
Patrick Süsskind - Das Parfum (check it out!)
burroughs (sick stuff...) and kerouac, err, and tolkien, of course, and everything else about middleearth
and some poems by ginsberg, blake, trakl, gryphius and lost but not least stanne
that's about it so far...

I'm still laughing about that arguing on the internet-joke by fathervic (look at the stupidest-thread):lol: :loco: :tickled: :)
terry pratchett (above and beyond), jorge louis borges, friedrick durrenmatt, irvine welsh, robert jordan for the wheel of time series (btw, nick comes from there).

shakespeare and some other classics, of course.

Hmmmmm Tolkien's Lord of the rings

Lords of Chaos is also interesting.....

as for the dogs I prefer Huskies and Groenendals :p :p

btw,i guess i am the only one who doens't read classics..... had traumatic experiences with such books when i was little... :eek:

nevertheless my favourite dog is the dackel or teckel... one instance of this dog which i don't know to call in english is living in my very house and recently bite me in my hand, this dirty old bastard :D instead of being thirteen he's just crazy.

@terria did you read schlafes bruder and did you like it?
All those like to read epic-fantastic books, I can recommend Stephen King's "The Eyes of the Dragon", an unusual kind of novel. And, of course, I like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, but not the boring Silmarillion! More books in future messages...
joining the masses, I love Prachett and Gaiman (neverwheres....).

Tad William's Otherland
Rainer Maria Rilke
Patrick Süsskind
H.P Lovecraft
William Gibson (neuromancer above all else, though his short stories are fantastic too)

I tremendously enjoyed Ulrich Kiesow's Das Gebrochene Rad.

I guess the first real books I read were Weissman & Hick's Dragonlance Chronicles, which I loved dearly at 12 years of Age :)

I'm not that big a Tolkien Fan though and prefer his poetry over his novels.

terria : if you liked "das parfüm" why not check out "die taube" which is quite surrealistic and very different in tone, yet imho just as intesive.

for dogs : anything not too small, not too big, not too furry and most of all non-drooling.

as for movies : Blade Runner, director's cut is one the most moving flicks I ever saw.
Fight Club is great too.
My personal fave movie ever is "Funny Games" an austrian flick that almost nobody seems to know.
Patrick Süskind "Das Parfum" (DIe Taube is also fine, although I like "Das Parfum" better)

Umberto Eco "The Name of the Rose" (my all-time favourite)
Frank McCourt "Angelas Ashes"
All volumes of Harry Potter (believe it or not)
Herodot "Historiai"
Arthur C. Doyle (all that Sherlock Holmes Stuff)
Oscar Wilde "The picture of Dorian Gray"
R. L. Stevenson "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hide"

As for poetry:
J.W. Goethe "Es war ein König in Thule"

As for films:
Conan the Barbarian (for the magnificent scenery, not the stupid plot)
The Name of the Rose (for the magnificent atmosphere)
Shrek (for utterly destroying any Disney-film)
So here we are giving some hints of our personality again, hehehehe funny :)

well, 'bout books, just to say that I nearly am what I am thanks to Tolkien, that's to him I have this hunger to "eat" books!!!!
So he is the first one of my beloved writers....
J.R.R. Tolkien!!!!
Terry Pratchett (nowadays is my fave author, just can't explain how does his humour touch my heart!!!)
R.A. Salvatore (for the Dark Elf series)

ehmmm I won't follow since these are the three that I love most
what about dogs??: huskies and samoyedos
what about cats??: fluffy ones (but please do not call them kitty!)
waht about chikeeeeeeeeeens??: well ehmmm the normal ones??

to makes original, i'll say, for the modern authors :
Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien, Franck Herbert and HP Lovecraft

in fact, read almost only fantasy and Science Fiction
so my favorites authors (except the 3 obvious ones) are Robert Jordan (since the only 4 first books have been translated in french, i had to buy the english ones but it's a bit too hard for me), Robin Hobb, Michael Moorcock, Isaac Asimov, Roger Zelazny, Ann Mc Caffrey and Dan Simmons

i like the french authors and poets of the 19th century (Maupassant, Merimée, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Zola, Hugo,)
Originally posted by Skald
Melancholia, www.metalnorth.net made a review on our first demo ( look Reviews -> Neocrima ), and you now work for it... funny :)

wow!!! I had no idea! unbelievable :)

My life is full of coincidences lately,should I start feeling scared???? brrrrrrrr

what about kitties (what's wrong with Kitties Fathervic?:p -huskies rule btw!)
Hmmm i hate cats,except for Ilektra (she is actually a garfield sized cat haha )
fave books...
jostein gaarder - all stuff but i never finished sophies world
knut hamson- hunger
baudelaire- fleurs du mal
rimbaud- a season in hell
sandman comics- dream, delirium and others and lucien the librarian-he's cool!

ah theres too many! i read like one novel a week for uni its tiring!

ps, it seems evryone here loves him, but i absolutly despise terry pratchett!
i know this is a bit of a long shot, but has anyone got the photography book that is featured on agathodaimon's higher art of rebellion sleeve. its by gerald axelrod and its of all these angel statues - i really need that!

what about dogs? - gotta be my yorkshire terrier my little bobby!
(that ruins my dark metal image - but i swear he IS evil!!:heh: )

what about cats - if u put mustard on a cats arse, it'll run until it dies!! :lol: :loco:

what about horses - they're all the same i swear
what about zebras - they're stripy horses

i want a unicorn

i think i'm drunk (at noon?!) ignore me
I really don't like the novels of Sherlock Holmes by the hand of Conan Doyle. I think his writting style isn't so good, his argument so unbelievable.

Dan Simmons have a non accurate writting style too, and he's living as a "best seller" writer and not as a good writer in fact.

I like the first books of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, I think Lestat is the best one. But in the last books I can't recognize the quality and essence of the first stuff, Anne Rice can die.
@~mel~ nothing against kitties from my side, but just for that costume to put a kitty "kitty" as a name. Just hated "hello kitty" when a kid, and still hate "her" now!!!!
if you like cats just read The Unadultered Cat from Terry Pratchett that one rocks (even it's a little childish)
Originally posted by FatherVic
@~mel~ nothing against kitties from my side, but just for that costume to put a kitty "kitty" as a name. Just hated "hello kitty" when a kid, and still hate "her" now!!!!

hating "Hello Kitty" is hating the little Mel I used to be before I was transformed into a metal-PC-candle-blah-blah-freak :p
and hmmmmm I still have my hello-kitty-correspondingpaper collection somewhere :D Do you hate me???? :p

ooops,now everyone will think i am so damn immature hehe
but this is the only childhood-item i still have :)
:err: errrrrrr nah! I don't hate you....but still think is good enough to have this BIG amount of kilometers between us!!!!:loco:

I still have a lot (a bigggggg lot) remains from my childhood, but If I had something from Hello Kitty I would have burnt it down long long ago! So now I can still play with my marvels, my plastic warriors and my star warz toys while you are still being an inmature Hello Kitty worshiper!!! :loco: