What about books? (what about dogs? what about... hehe)

Yoda and the council of the force are a group based on "the orgy is our method of life" motto?

@Mel: Yeah, my mind is a chest of useless thoughts, but they are quite vivid.
Ok, this must reach an end! S T O P! ! !
Since we started the thread I can't sleep. How could I if we're insulting my Star Wars heroes???
we started with Han, then Chewy, then my_beloved Princess and now Yoda. Yoda!!!!!! the Master!!!!! what will be next???? saying that R2D2 was a pointless vacuum cleaner??? :cry:

FatherVic (who still thinks Star Wars is the best way to the problems of life :loco: )
it seems i'm a little late to post on the original topic...but i'm gunna any way, so there...

i have trouble believing this hasn't been mentioned under books, especially with all the 'fantisy' (eg; lord of the rings) books

"The Thomas Covenant Chronicals" by Stephen Donaldson
"The Gap Sieries" also Donaldson
"Mazalan Books of the Fallen" Stephen Erricson

These have gotta be some of the best books ever written...well, that's my opinion anyway.

dogs, well, i got a fox terrior & he's funky...
cats, the ONLY good cat i know is my one, & she's just a mix sorta one, & a tortus shell colour.

well so there

oh yeah, & also "Obernewyton" by Issobel Carmody, "Catcher in the Rye", & the Red Dwarf books by wotsisname

fleng snug flah
Originally posted by FatherVic
FatherVic (who still thinks Star Wars is the best way to the
problems of life :loco: )

:lol: :lol: Yep,the best way to GET problems like "i'm so tired....I'm flat out" due to sleeping less in order to keep up which the post of some star-war haters :p

hehe well,Han Solo is from star wars...hehe that's why i haven't heard about him :D
hmmm as for the video tape,no thanks,i'd rather watch some smurfs :p

ah,I wanna book tickets,too....
Ok, some misstype there....it was something like this
FatherVic (who still thinks Star Wars is the best way to ehmmm solve/forget/drible problems in life)

but I can still believe someone denying him/herself to watch one of the best movies ever. Hey, eat shit, millions of flies can't be wrong!!! :loco:
oh......Father got angry:(
come on!! I was joking a bit :D

"Hey, eat shit, millions of flies can't be wrong!!! "
hehe I'm sick of eating shit,should I try another flavour??? :p
("borrowing" some skyclad lyrics)
and btw,I gues syou are trapping yourself......
Starwars=watched by millions... hmmm should i complete my thoughts? :p

don't beat me up this time.....
nah, I don't get angry that soon :)
is just that star wars drives me nuts, and I want everyone to see the goddamed trilogy and understand why I'm so freak about it.
But well I'm even more freaky about Futurama episodes, that IS my passion :)

and hey I won't beat anybody, at least anybody who actually doesn't ask purposely for that :p
This is a great day for all of us! I bought "Wyrd Sisters" by Terry Prachett in english. I want to write an accurate english to express my personality in the anglosaxon language. :)))) I'm chupi!
FatherVic@ Do you read StarWars books as well???

Btw,I was at a bookstore the other day...i was amazed to see how many Lord Of The Rings (and generally Tolkien books)'s editions are out... :eek:

I'm still reading Andreas Haugen's "the ancient fires of Midgard"...

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are my favorite writers, as well as Frank Herbert (Dune), E.A. Poe, Michael Moorcock (Elric) and H.P. Lovecraft.
I also like very much books such as the Ugetsu Monogatari by Ueda Akinari and the Legend of the Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

As far as poetry goes, let me point Blake, Baudelaire and Poe.
Also, some song lyrics are in my opinion deserving to be called pure poetry. I'm referring to songs such as The Same and Fabric by Dark Tranquillity :)...

Does anyone here among you like to write (stories, poems)?
Well I would have to say that while we are on the topic of favorite authors you cannot go without mentioning the master

I owe quite a bit to this man for the hours of amazing fiction, I would have to say that Terry Goodkind is my favorite author, he is the creator of The Sword of Truth and my friends you could not wish for a better line of fantasy than that:heh: :heh:
@mel Nope, I tried to read some of the Star Wars novels but they diverted so far from the main story that I grew bored too quickly.
and yeap, there are sooooooo many editions. There's one out, some kind of "supreme" edition that is about ehmmmm 54 euros that is just amazing, but I have to be on a very strange mood to buy it, and the moment has not already come (but one day I'll buy it, and feel I've been stolen :p)