What about books? (what about dogs? what about... hehe)

Ohhh! Our childhood! One of the most tender and loevly times of our life! All we was so different then, our short hair, our innocence... (well, FatherVic wasn't an innocent child, hahaha, I know his activities when he was young. XDDD). Well, I let you all to explain about your own experiencies.
ehmmmm I won't give any explanation since everybody would be ehmmmm somehow "affraid" of this little mastermelon. But yeap, I was a little bastarde when a kid, but thankfully I changed a lot in my twelve and fourteen!!!!
And well hair is not the only visible changings (at least on me);)
hehe yeah,hopefully Spain is far from Greece..(saves her ass ;) )but hmm I have this teleporting machine,so you'd better be careful and stop calling me HelloKittyWorshiper,mr.Plastic Starwar Toy maniac : p : pppppppp
It would be strange if you had hello kitty items anyway :lol:

well well,i think i'm off to lunch...Peace guys :)
*sounds like a hippy*

Btw,this board is equally cool with the Opeth board i think!
holyshit!!!! this is war.....you see guys/gals??? she she she called me this thing as an Insult!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
nah, not really offended, but If someday you laugh at my collection of miniature lead figure about The Lord Of The Rings I'll get the first plane to Greece to kick you damned ass!!!!! :D

about the Opeth forum!!! well shamefully I can't follow every forum I'd like, no vintersorg, no anathema, no OPETH form for me. I speacially find myself absurd for not being on the opeth one, but It's a matter of time, my mainstream is this one and then suddenly appear on three minor forums here but that's enough or I'll finally bring my bed to UltimateMetal!!!!
"I'll get the first plane to Greece to kick you damned ass!!!!! "

Don't kick asses... you can demonstrate Melancholia your big, large and bulbous love (argh! I didn't say it!).
love??? who talked about love, I just love you my robotic friend!!!
~mel~ just owns one kick from me.....dared to shame on my star wars toyz :cry:
ah,i have been away for two days (don't you dare say you haven't missed my intellectual posts :p) but now i am back alive and kicking!
but everything has became a mess :p,FatherVic has declared war (shame on you! how do you dare to be so rude and scare a little girl to death????:devil: )...hmmm do you really have a collection of miniature lead figure about The Lord Of The Rings?????????:eek:
I love you man!! Gimme your home address and your keys of course...i'll just "borrow" your collection and maybe a couple of Cds
.....and of course smash your starwars toys to pieces :p

Am i evil? :devil:

Ingenious@ many people call me mel,so i guess i'm very beloved? : pppppppppppppp

peace guys!
no way!!! You get the PC (see? I'm very generous ;) ) ,me the interesting Cds (I don't need any Mago de Oz :p ) and the toys (I wanna do some "experiments" with them/throw FatherVic's toys from the 7th floor..how much time will it take until they reach the ground? Will the bits of the ex-starwartoys be spread far away?? How will FatehrVic react??? )

:p :p :p
hahahahaha! I really like Mago de Oz, despite their attitude or bla, bla. But I'm agree with the computer and Han Solo toy. And... let me see the experiment-show too, it could be interesting. (Any sex too? Arf, arf).

If I get the PC and you play with his toys... there are three possible options (hahaha, this is becoming a tradition!):

A) FatherVic died by your hand and he couldn't react.

B) Master Melon and you are busy in a sex session and I'm stoling his things, and when finish he will be so tired to react.

C) Anyway, we won't do this fuckin' paranoia.
Ehmmmmm the keys are under the doormat, but please don't disturb me, I'm sleeping.....
But if you dare to take some of my toyz/figures/PC!!!! I'll be the one throwing from the 7th floor ex_human and an ex_robot!!!!!!
As for the cd's hell yeah, you can BORROW some, but I want them back ok?
Oh yeah! I have a big collection of this miniature lead figures... I paint them too (quite good If I'm to say ;P) Now I'm making a collection (really expensive though) that consists on 100 figures from the book. There are 2000 sets all over the world and I own the numberset 161 :) I already have the first 40 figures and still the rest have to be made :)

and |ngenius you know man, when Han Solo is involved, sex has no meaning to me!!!! :loco:
yeap, Chewy is still drooling due to Han's solo, and still hating that to be a solo, he can't be a part of it....
I offered him a videocamera so he could at least ehmmmm have in his hea....in his video:loco:
FatherVic@ Borrow=borrow
"borrow"=borrow "forever",steal :loco:
so be careful hehe anyway now i know where the keys are : pppp
Btw,this miniature collection sounds ultra cool...i think i've understand what it is ....hmmmm....

|ngenius has a vivid imagination :p

who is Han Solo???

and btw,i've been away for two days,I fucking hate it :cry:
@|ngenius: Oh yeas he can. Actually he is quite self_productive if you know what I mean. And now the difficult one....ehmmm If Chewy had sex with Princes Leia, would that be consider as zoofilia??? I suppose you, as the High_Priest_Of_The_Sex_Priestols :loco: should tell me the answer...

@melancholia :eek: :eek: :eek: WHAT?¿¿? you really don't know who HAN the_master SOLO is¿?
*FatherVic rents Star Wars in video for little mel!!!
Give it a view or two and then just tell me if he is or not one of the most charming and fresh character on cinema ever!!!

BTW: I already have the ticket for the first public session for The Lord of the Rings :p 19th December 16:00 hours :)
Originally posted by FatherVic
And now the difficult one....ehmmm If Chewy had sex with Princes Leia, would that be consider as zoofilia???

on the part of chewbacca, yes of course. the good ol' lady was certainly quite hairy under the see-through top, otherwise the pre-buscent public of late '70ies would have actually seen through it. :)

yeah, but still I can't see the Princess in magazines like "You and your hairy friends" or "Oil, sex and dogchow".
but of course every thing is possible on this galaxy...;)