what are the lyrics saying at the end of "funeral portrait"?

Sexi Alexi 94

Oct 10, 2006
at the very end there is a part where mikael is singing and it sounds beautiful, but it sounds like there is another part of singing also in the background..anyone else hear it too?

well, i was wondering what the lyrics are to that extra singing part in the background, if anyone knows...or maybe im just hearing things...ive listened to it like 500 times really loud and still am not sure what he's singing :erk:

here is the part im talking about, thanks! :cool:

And you are just like them all
Stained by the names of fathers
I'm greeting my downward fall
Leaving the throes to others

p.s. i did a search and there were some threads on this but no one knows the answer still, and this one of my favorite songs too! :loco:
Yeah, I hear it too. Sounds like it's in "telephone voices". Doesn't appear in the lyrics, like the part in Harvest where you can hear "release your grip, let me go into the night".
...why the fuck would you do that. It's not reversed vocals...

Those vocal harmonies at the end of FP are incredibly beautiful..
Maybe they are just done to sound good. It may just be a voice harmony to back up the lyrics. Just a guess I could be wrong.
i put the song on yesterday to see if i could make it out since i knew what you were talking about. couldn't though
The 1s time it sounds something (to me) like "Calling beside me forevemore" the next bit I cant make out for the life of me but sounds like ".....Weren't that old" but I highly doubt it.
^ yes i was thinking something like that too of "calling me..." , its still hard to tell because of singing the main lines. i hope someone can figure it out, its been bugging me all week :erk:
lol, I woulnd't say it's been bugging me but i've also always wanted to know wtf is being said there.