What do you guys think about Overkill??


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Jun 17, 2002
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I'm just curious what other fellow Testament freaks think about another of my favs?? I think they are another band that has stayed true to their sound throughout the years..
Unholy sheeite Overkill rules!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's funny this thread was started right in the middle of my Overkill binge! I seriously think that as soon as I collect all their cds, they will be my top thrash band. It's the only band that may seem to have re-written the same album time and again. Better said that they have a formula that they follow that works and never grows old. They manage to stick to their guns without making a mockery of themselves like megadeth or def leppard or someone like that (ac/dc, too if you ask me). So the albums I have so far are: Years of Decay - 8/10 had this album for years before getting FTUAB, classic, dude!
WFO: 8/10
From the Underground and Below: 10/10 without a doubt
Necroshine: 8.5/10 the song Black Line is fucking 11 though!
Looking to buy Horrorscope sometime soon, if I have to sell my tonsils! Fuck yeah, a HUGE horns up to Overkill! :headbang: Can't wait for the new one and I hope DD and Blitz never die!
Overkill it's fuckin' killer......
I think that most of Thrash Fans will always like Testament, Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Overkill, and some geman Thrash, like Kreator and Destruction......it's difficult to find a person that dislike bands like Overkill
I'm not much of an Overkill fan cause I personally
never got into Bobbys vocals, they've gotten a lot
better over the last couple years, I think, by in part to
Overkill getting better production. Colin Richardson
came along and really fixed them up. Didnt they lose
a player to Annihilator? I remember the old Overkill
Stuff when Bobby Gustafson was in the band and
those releases more than I can comment on their
more recent stuff....my brother digs them so I hear
Overkill through him....and I was more impressed
with the newer stuff. Didn't Bobby Blitz get cancer?
I thought I heard something about that once?
well anyways, Overkill's gotten better.

If you guys are curious about their most recent one..Bloodletting..it totally rocks! I love it! I have been a fan of theirs for a long time..but I'm ashamed to say I've only got four of their cds. The Years Of Decay, Horrorscope, Necroshine, and Bloodletting. I think I need to get them all because I really like everything I've heard. I saw them about 6 years ago at a small club in Portland with Pro-Pain and they were awesome! They sounded so good it was as if someone had put in their cd and pushed play!

Thanks for all the replies!

Oh yea..and Officer Nice..I don't think Blitz had cancer..but I'm not positive..
Overkill :headbang:

wow, for not being a fan Officer Nice knows his overkill trivia.

Overkill did indeed lose a member to Annhilator. Annhilator's singer used to play guitar in overkill. Im not sure if Blitz got cancer, but he did have a lenghty stay in the hospital and a long recovery, hence the name of the resulting album, necroshine. However, I think most people will find Blitz' vocals easier on the ear than Vio-lence's (I can't believe I'm drawing a blank on his name right now)

Overkill has been one of the most grossly overlooked and underrated metal bands, along w/ nuclear assault.
Originally Posted By The Omnipotent Bob:"Overkill has been one of the most grossly overlooked and underrated metal bands, along w/ nuclear assault."

Well we agree on the Nuclear Assault part, I would compare both those bands, but I tend to disagree on the overlooked part.........
I would have to say they are Over Rated, at least in my book.........but to answer MI's question:......................Not Much...
I loved Overkill since Under the Influence dropped. I went back and picked up Fuck You and Taking Over, and was pleased. "Electro-Violence" has to be one of the best thrash tracks ever.

Years of Decay got (and still does get) alot of play in my stereo. I was really fortunate and got a promo copy of Horrorscope back when it first dropped, and it's remained my favorite album, mainly "Nice Day... For a Funeral" and "Live Young, Die Free."

I was dissapointed with "I Hear Black" and truthfully, I stopped paying much attention to them.

Did they ever do anything like Years of Decay or Horrorscope again?
overkill another killer band in my collection!!!!!!!!this is my rate for every overkill cd
feel the fire 8 a classic sound more heavy and power than thrash bobby voice is so clean and insane!!!!
taking over 8.5 hate became music more thrash more fast, killer
under the influence 7.5 mmmm shred and hello form the gutter 10 but the rest just filler songs!!!!!!!
the years of decay!!! 9.5 wow thrash to your brain!!!!!!!!!
horroscope 10!!!!!!fuck the best so far!!!!!!!!!
i hear black 7.5 mmmm black sabbat and kyuss meets overkill, great songs kind of boring
w.f.o 7.5 faster but no feeling, the final mix sucks the bass is to loud and annoys me
Wrecking your neck live 9 killer live cd the songs are played faster than teh cds
killind kind, from the underground and below both 8 overkill but some kind of boring and repetitive
necroshine 8.5 better some fresh air but......
bloodletting 8.7 better but needs more insanity more hate!!!!
so hope tha the next one will be KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!
coverkill its a ok cd covers mmmm the new trendy?
well see ya and stay to your roots!!!!!!!!!
I agree with Officer nice- never got into the vocals- musically sure they are fine- maybe Warrel Dane would have pulled off those vocals for me- or Ross from Forbidden
every album sees blitz in a different mood, so if you don't like the way he sings the older stuff, check out from the underground and below. trust me on this one. that's one of those album that i wish i could just pass out in the street with both thumbs up and a gleeful smile. he's got like 8 different voices though; there's got to be one that appeals to you!

there's no way overkill is overrated because thay get bashed at least as much as praised. i know what you're thinking, but it's undeserved.

he did collapse at a show in nurnberg back in july or august. he beats the shit out of his own body, i think. but if he has to keep smoking to keep that awesome voice, on with the blacklungs!
Originally posted by speed
I agree with Officer nice- never got into the vocals- musically sure they are fine- maybe Warrel Dane would have pulled off those vocals for me- or Ross from Forbidden

BTW, It's Russ not Ross.

I own Horrorscope, From the Underground and Below, Necroshine(my least favorite, not bad, just feels different), Bloodletting(which I like, especially "Death Comes Out To Play", pretty cool death vocals), Coverkill, and Wrecking Everything(the live album).

I am one of the few people on Earth who can tolerate(Hell, doesn't even bothered by) Blitz's vocals. It's funny that many call Overkill the AC/DC of thrash metal(or is that Slayer, could be both), but they sound better than Annihilator, both musicially and vocally. Anybody disagree or agree?
wow you dont like necroshine i think its better then Bloodletting, not a fan of his bloodletting vocals, and there's some really cool death vocals on "let us pray" and forked tongue kiss

sofar im going back and forth on which album i like better W F O or Necroshine, not sure, ill probably start picking up lots of their albums tho :)