what do you think of tribute bands?

Kaptin Kev

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Oct 20, 2006
Tribute band s..love em or hate em...

French metal heads in the bands .. KOB synopsis Nightreaper
all members of successful metal bands in France ..formed a tribute band

as they just Fooooking Love IRON MAIDEN !

The premier French tribute to Iron Maiden ‘COVERSLAVE ‘
Coverslave - UK Dates
Coverslave will hit these shores In November
Friday 3th November
With a pilgrimage to the legendary birthplace of IRON MAIDEN

The legend that is the RUSKIN ARMS

Support comes from French Power Metallers ‘Dreamcatcher’
Also Huge Iron Maiden fanatics, coming over just to play the venue!


Also Coverslave perform Iron Maiden Classics at
Potters - Langley Mill, (Derbyshire’s leading tribute band venue)
Saturday 4th November
Supported by special guests ‘TAUREA’ (reformed for one night only)
Classic 80’s Heavy Metal ( influenced by Judas Priest Ozzy era metal )

See Pure power promotions website and Myspace pages at –

Well this looks more like an advertisement then a question thread... but I'll give my opinion anyways.

I think tribute bands are okay. I have no problem with them. I definitely don't perfer them over the real thing. But if there is a tribute band that covers a band that doesn't exist anymore and they are playing in my area, sure I would check it out. Or if it is a tribute band that puts on a hell of a show (I've seen a KISS tribute show a couple of times and it was great) then it is worth it.
There's a local Kyuss tribute band who do a remarkably close job of the band. Fucking great to see live with a great number of beers.

I would most likely never go see a cover band, however if other people like them and they make people happy and aren't doing anything too terrible, I don't see the harm in it.
I think tribute bands are lame. This seems to be like people who want to be a specific celebrity or wish they were something they're not. If you can't write your own music or enjoy playing your own music do not play an instrument at all. How can people have such an infatuation with other people's music they want to purely play entire sets of covers. That is just telling me they can't write their own music because they're lame fanboys. If you pay money to see people cover people's songs you are lame. If you can't see your favorite band you ass kiss I guess that's how things are. Seeing a cover band is not change anything. People in cover bands probably spend most of their time listening to that specific band playing with themselves.
Tribute bands are cool (if they aren't too sloppy), it's a great way to hear some songs live by band who are dead (e.g. Death, Carcass, Demolition Hammer, Vio-lence, Atheist, etc.)
they're a bunch of fucking wankers

er uh

I don't really care for them. There was a Pentagram cover band playing recently called Parallelogram...I lawld
If a band covers other bands songs, its okay, but i think bands that soley devote themselves to other bands material are incredibly stupid. Especailly the ones that try to look like the band members.
Décadent said:
There's a local Kyuss tribute band who do a remarkably close job of the band. Fucking great to see live with a great number of beers.

Wow sweet. Didn't think anyone would dedicate themselves to Kyuss.

Anyway, I get sick and tired of cover bands doing the samething over and over. Maiden, Priest, Def Lep., Metallica, etc. What i'd like to see is a Suffocation cover band, or even a Demilich cover band (though Fleshcrawl did them good justice.)

Got talked into checking out Hell's Belles. HATED IT. Fuckin' wankers on stage and off.

Beats a night in front of the TV, I guess. Depending on what's on.
Generally tedious; what's better is when the tribute band writes new songs in the vein of the band they were...erm....tributing. Didn't Sheavy start like this, in actual fact?