What is the best Soilwork?

What is the best Soilwork release?

  • Steelbath Suicide

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • The Chainheart Machine

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • A Predator's Portrait

    Votes: 11 29.7%
  • Natural Born Chaos

    Votes: 16 43.2%

  • Total voters


Black Heart
Aug 21, 2001
Elmhurst, Ill. USA
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I absolutely love Soilwork's first cd, Steelbath Suicide, and have been less and less impressed with each subsequent release. Chainheart Machine was good but A Predators Portrait was somewhat formulatic and less involving. I have yet to buy or hear Natural Born Chaos, but I wanted to get some opinions on people's favorite Soilwork cd. Is the new one worth buying if I tend to like the older stuff more?
i like chainheart machine the best. i love all their albums but chainheart machine just kicks ass. the solos are brilliant and so is the song writing. kick ass album. one of my favorites of all time.
Their new stuff blows...

Steelbath Suicide is awesome... and Chainheart machine is pretty decent... but APP is just crap...

They are getting simpler and simpler with each release... just like In Flames... except with and even WORSE singer than anders.
Yeah I just bought Natural Born Chaos like two weeks ago,and I think its great, personally I like it better than the previous one. So i say check it out its definitly worth it in my opinion and I don't think you will regret it.;)
The singer sounds identical to Anders of In Flames Clayman style vocals-- which absolutely suck ass and take away from what could otherwise be decent. The newest one is best b/c it has the most clean vocals, I can say this for sure even though I've only heard 4 songs off of it and am not sure how much I actually like the album as a whole, but surely it has to be their best yet based on what I've heard.
I guess I have to give the new one a try.

Trapped-I agree with you as far as the first three go (haven't heard NBC). Steelbath Suicide is just brilliant, intricate and powerful. APP is very simplistic by comparison.
@Trapped: You are a stupid idiot and i ignore you.
But i wanna make notice to everyone else that your comments are stupid if you supposedly listened to the new cd you cant compare him to anders friden. Shure the high screams are very close i agree, but so what? is just one of the 5 voices he uses, he has deep growls that rule, and his clean wipe the floor of anders friden. He has several styles of clean vocals on all the album. He is diverse and can sing clean, friden cant sing clean, not even on the studio
Originally posted by Trapped

Why the rolleyes? It is my opinion that the new ones are far from what the band are a capable of and HAVE released before...

You are not capable of appreciating any short of evolution wich is not the stupid scared crowd pleasing opeth advance wich is very patetic.

Misanthrope ( who thinks that not ALL opeth fans are elitist idiots but all of those who are even a little bit like trapped are )
You are not capable of appreciating any short of evolution wich is not the stupid scared crowd pleasing opeth advance wich is very patetic.

You know, that's pretty ironic... because i love Leprosy-era Death, and yet i also love the highly evolved and changed TSOP-era Death. I love COF's "Dusk and her Embrace", and yet i love the highly different and evolved "Midian".

Evolution is when something changes to keep up with the current changes in it's atmosphere, to evolve is to change for the better, and expand on what was before. Soilwork have blatantly simplified their music, and if you can't see that (you elitist bastard), then you are blind. APP and NBC have absolutely NOTHING over Steelbath or Chainheart...! You, my freind, are a dim wench!!

I may also like to add (in reference to my 'inability to accept evolution because i am eletist'), that i love old Dimmu Borgir, and i love new Dimmu even MORE and more over their evolution. Same thing goes for the evolution between Gorefest's first few albums... they are all highly different, and yet i love them all. The only time that i didn't accept 'change' or 'evolution' (as you so wrongly put it) is when the music is simplified, and their style is compromised, such as in the case of Gorefest, where they went for a highly primative form of grunge music.

Need i also mention Morbid Angel, and how i love EVERY one of their records, despite the fact that they have evolved possible even more than a band like Death did??

Misanthrope, get off your highhorse you elitist bastard, and open your blind eyes to the fact that while my opinion is different to yours on soilwork, that soilwork have IN FACT simplified their music. Regardless what you or I think, they have compromised themselves, and i personally wont accept that like you obviously do.

You are not capable of appreciating any short of evolution wich is not the stupid scared crowd pleasing opeth advance wich is very patetic.

You are obviously deaf to every comment that i have ever made about opeth. I only like Still Life and MAYH, and i think the other albums are not even close to good... and even those two albums aren't perfect.

You are stupid misanthrope, and the comment that i just quoted off you proves that to EVERYONE here, for i have stated blatantly my stance on Opeth, and the fact that i actually dislike alot of their stuff, ESPECIALLY the 'crowd-pleasing' BWP