What the hell is it with Soilwork anyways?

Jun 27, 2003
So I finally listened to my friend's copy of Figure Number Five, and I must say it is by far one of the worst albums I have heard all year. What happened to them?? Steelbath Suicide, The Chainheart Machine, and Predators Portrait were all incredible efforts by Soilwork. Natural Born Chaos was borderline annoying, but overall OK. Then came Figure Number Five, and it is just aweful.
thats fuckin bullshit. you cant honestly sit there and call them *POP* metal. seriously man, where in the hell do you see the fusion of pop...and metal? especially with Dimmu, thats ridiculous.
yeah calling Dimmu pop metal is pretty stupid.
With In Flames i agree and with Soilwork to some extent.
But Dimmu dont go for catchiness what-so-ever with their material and should therefor not be called pop-metal just because many ppl like 'em.
yea tindor..dude, whats with the bitterness towards them? how exactly do they insult your standard of black metal?
Needled24Seven said:
the kid said tool sucks, so i would pretty much just ignore his ignorant statements from now on.

I think this 'going 3 on 1' argument technique is more fun than ignoring him :p
About Tool, way too many people say that Tool suck just because they dont take enough time to get into them :(
Needled24Seven said:
i dont really think its that. i just think he or she or whatever it is cant see how good they are because theyre ignortant and they see tool being labed as "mainstream" and their closemindedness wont let them see the truth.

Yeah, might be there the problem lies.
All I know is that i'm obsessed with the Lateralus cd no matter how many Slipknot fans that listens to it :tickled: