What's Your Favorite Dan Swano Project?

What Is Your Favorite Dan Swano Project?

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Jan 23, 2005
Nightingale, Unicorn, Edge of Sanity, Pan-Thy-Monium, Karaboudjan, Steel, Sörskogen, Bloodbath, Odyssey, Dan Swanö's Moontower, Subway Mirror.

It's True I Haven't Heard Of Any Of These Bands.Danny Boy Is In Wayyy Too Many Bands.He Should Do Some Type Of A BOXSET.I'm Gonna Start A Poll....The One With The Most Percentages...Will Be The First Band I Will Check Out....I Hope None Of These Bands Suck Balls....
As much as I love Nightingale & Edge of Sanity, I voted Odyssey because there are only 3 songs floating around under that name and all 3 are flawless. Had Odyssey released several albums released my choice would have probably been different.

Had I a vote in a band to hear more material from, it'd have to be Odyssey ... I seriously doubt Crimson III is even a consideration... We're probably way more likely to get a second Odyssey ep than a Crimson III (both are not very damned likely!)
Tumn said:
Doesn't really matter what anyone votes as EVERYTHING is without a doubt fucking fantastic. :)
QFT. If Swanö has his name on it, it must be good. I.E. Orchid + Morningrise by Opeth are my 2 favorite albums by them, and who was the engineer? Dan Swanö, of course.

If only I knew what "engineer" in music production terms meant... :erk:
EoS, but Nightingale and Moontower are damned close, Bloodbath as well.

I chose EoS based on the fact that I got into DM because of "Purgatory Afterglow" back in 1996 or '97. To date, the first Crimson album is on of Swanö's finest moments IMO. Crimson II is good too, but the first one was just so original and awesome, plus the lyrics in the first one are better. Epic stuff! :headbang: