When gay love attacks. (IRC thread)

Captain Beard

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Sep 6, 2001
[4:36pm] <dead_fetu> the only thing nostalgix about otter pops fo rme is how disgusting they were!
[4:36pm] <clammo> hahahahhahahah
[4:36pm] <clammo> lame
[4:36pm] <NoLordy> I open mine.
[4:36pm] <dead_fetu> we can't agree on everything, derick
[4:36pm] <dead_fetu> maybe you're not my soulmate afterall
[4:36pm] <clammo> yes we can
[4:36pm] <clammo> AND WE WILL
[4:36pm] <dead_fetu> i'm beginning to question your loyalty anyways
[4:37pm] <clammo> GASP
[4:37pm] <dead_fetu> this whole Cara thing is startign to feel like a bit more than a "front"
[4:37pm] <clammo> I just don't know anymore!!!!!!!!!
[4:37pm] <NoLordy> Her penis is quite mighty.
[4:37pm] <dead_fetu> I'm not sure I really ever did :(
[4:38pm] <dead_fetu> besides, I can't afford to keep flying out there every other month to see you
[4:38pm] <dead_fetu> I have bills to pay
[4:39pm] <clammo> I am too lazy for this hilariousness
[4:39pm] <clammo> I cannot keep it up
[4:39pm] <clammo> ITS OVER
[4:39pm] <dead_fetu> well fuck you then
[4:39pm] <dead_fetu> i knew you were lying all along
[4:39pm] <Frinya> http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/8066/img0988vq1.jpg
[4:39pm] <Frinya> :D:D:D:D:D
[4:40pm] <clammo> there's someone else isn't there!
[4:40pm] <dead_fetu> of course there is you moron
[4:40pm] <clammo> is that why you never look me in the eyes when we make love????
[4:40pm] <dead_fetu> you couldn't tell?
[4:40pm] <EricT> what tickets are those?
[4:40pm] <dead_fetu> it's hard to look you in the eyes when all I can see is the back of your head!!
[4:40pm] <Frinya> reeeead them
[4:40pm] <Frinya> DragonForce
[4:40pm] <EricT> ooh
[4:40pm] <EricT> i sard reading
[4:40pm] <clammo> hahahha yeah I thought about that
[4:40pm] <dead_fetu> lol
[4:41pm] <clammo> hmph
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> ************ = derick and I
[4:41pm] <EricT> sexy
[4:41pm] <clammo> we take turns spinning our meats
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> im on the bottom
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> IT'S AHRD TO GET IT RIGHT THOUGH
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> oops
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> like, it has to be half hogged
[4:41pm] <dead_fetu> full boners don't spin
[4:41pm] <clammo> yeah it's easy to fuck up when you type in caps eh
[4:42pm] <clammo> I know
[4:42pm] <clammo> so I have to think nonsexy thoughts
[4:42pm] <clammo> but with occasional glimpes of ben affleck's butt to keep things perky
[4:42pm] <dead_fetu> well
[4:42pm] <dead_fetu> sometimes I can tell when it needs alittle boost
[4:42pm] <clammo> fortunately i'm blinded by pain
[4:42pm] <dead_fetu> that's when I utilize the reacharound
[4:43pm] <dead_fetu> yeah im about spent, too
[4:43pm] <dead_fetu> almost time to go home
[4:43pm] <clammo> I got lost in the heat of the moment
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> i blew the load too early
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> so to speak
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> game over
[4:44pm] <clammo> you usually do :(
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> HAHAH
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> i'm sorry
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> that's why I actually open these spam emails i get
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> I'm working on it
[4:44pm] <dead_fetu> for you :(
[4:45pm] <clammo> i never get quality spam
[4:45pm] <NoLordy> You guys are in for a treat.
[4:45pm] * Derek (Kilted@AC8EF732.ipt.aol.com) has joined #nevermore
[4:45pm] <dead_fetu> then it popped out
[4:45pm] <dead_fetu> with a loud bang
[4:45pm] <dead_fetu> and i was satisfied :)
[4:46pm] <Derek> I'm glad i entered the conversation here