Where do I find a cute metal boyfriend


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Mar 31, 2024
I may sound crazy as I know the reality that in metal culture the men far out number the women but oh my God I can't find a long haired metalhead boy for the life of me. I've tried Dnd clubs, music shops, cafés (both cheap and expensive) and all there is are Shaggy Rogers and country boys. If there's any advice please give I'm despite.
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Concerts. Or the homeless haunts of Dallas if you're into glam metal and you like your toes to be given the attention they deserve.
See the thing is all the concerts around my area are just cheesey country music.
Damn, so the Shaggy Rogers situation is more serious than I thought. How far would you have to travel to find something more rocking? I always remember that time that what Bart Simpson wanted most in life was a used Toyota.
I'd probably go like 3 hours out but the closest to a rock concerts in that range is this hippie fest