The Black Metal Phenomenon: A Reasonable Approach

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I've been on topic, my man, but 'yon chump insists on dragging it away from facts and toward personalities. Alas, there's nothing I can do to bring him toward a more disciplined approach: but occasionally we must go where the conversation leads, no (can someone please come up with a handy little Gallic Shrug emoticon for just such an occasion)?

so are you prozak then? That's the only personality comment I've made here:

"Conclusion: Prozak and Scourge are anus buddies and neither are correct."

If personality arguments trouble you then read infoterror's posts. He comes from anus too right?

You aren't as subtle as you'd like to think you are.

Dear Scourge of God,

Why do you refer to wikipedia as 'pedopedia'???


As anyone who has ever frequented wikipedia's discussion pages should be able to attest, wikipedia has attracted a disturbing concentration of vocal, not-trying-to-fool-anyone pedos among its users. I think it's the uber-libertarian institutional mindset there.
Both Bathory and Venom are recognized as being thrash and black metal not only by fan-created wikipedia, by this site as well:

It is only Scourge that thinks the afore mentioned bands are not in part thrash metal (which he calls speed metal).

I contend that wikipedia's page on Black Metal is accurate and that black metal originated from thrash metal, which is not speed metal, by the way.
So because it says so on websites that literally anyone can edit, it is so? The nebulous 'wisdom of the crowd' is all you can point to?

Kid, you gotta do better than that.
Cliff Notes for the last page:

If a given site attracts 100 Opeth fans to every Morbid Angel fan, it's probably not a good source for reliable information about metal.
ok folks, it is silly to take wikipedia articles as authority on anything. it is also not a good idea to call anyone an anus fag or whatever and it would be nice not to repeat that. and what scourge has said in one of the posts above about the relationship of early black metal to speed metal etc. seems to me right. but let's not get too heated up about this stuff...
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