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Mar 24, 2002
North Carolina
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Which bands are you looking forward to seeing the most, at this years ProgPower. Here is my list, starting with bands I don't care for or haven't heard of. I bett everybodys list will look completely different!!!

1. Blind Guardian
2. Angra
3. Gamma Ray
4. Edguy
5. Silent Force
6. Threshold
7. Zero Hour
8. Pain of Salvation
9. Reading Zero
10. Devin Townsend
I'm excited to see all of the performers but of course I do have my favorites:

1. Threshold and Zero Hour
2. Angra
3. Silent Force
4. Gamma Ray
5. Blind Guardian
6. Edguy
7. Devin Townsend (don't really no'em so I won't put him
on the bottom..)
8. Reading Zero
9. Pain of Salvation (sorry guys, I don't really know what the
the "draw" is to this band...who knows, they
might end up being my favorite at the

I'd be curious at the end of PP3.0 to see if everyone's list will have changed and who will be at the top!!:p
Hey prog2112, why don't you get a Devin Townsend mp3 at the Audio/Video part, my favorites are:

1. Angra
2. Gamma Ray
3. Blind Guardian
4. Silent Force
5. Edguy
6. Threshold
7. Zero Hour
8. Pain Of Salvation
9. Reating Zero
10. Devin Townsend (why he is in this festival? He is neither prog and power)
Originally posted by RudiPell
10. Devin Townsend (why he is in this festival? He is neither prog and power)

Must... resist the urge... I am not a music snob. I am not a music snob. I am not a music snob. OK, I'm better now.
For those that do not consider Devin Townsend progressive, I would like to know how you classify his solo material, specifically "Ocean Machine" & "Terria." Those are more progressive than 90% of the progressive metal that is popular in the underground ala Vanden Plas, etc.

Please bear in mind that I have booked "Devin Townsend" for his solo works and not Strapping Young Lad (although he has every bit of freedom to perform a song from them).

Glenn H.
Devin knows this is a unique opportunity to showcase his other musical side and knows which target audience this is. If you think about it, he really hasn't had this type of opportunity before as everyone always wants SYL regardless of what name he tours under.

Thus, he is bringing a new band down to Atlanta. Trust me when I say I booked "Devin Townsend" and not SYL. Have I steered folks wrong yet?

Glenn H.:D
The vanguard of the elite
1. Pain Of Salvation
2. Threshold
3. Zero Hour
4. Devin Townsend (These are 4 of my favorite bands here)

other good stuff

5. Silent Force
6. Angra (I used to hate this band... but their new album is suprisingly awesome!)
7. Blind Guardian (I used to love this band... but their new album is suprisingly horrible!)
8. Reading Zero (I have "Satellite Sessions" but I really have yet to form an opinion of it... can't decide if I like these guys or not... but I'd still like to see them.

stuff I don't care for

9. Gamma Ray
10. Edguy (I'm sure these two will still put on enjoyable shows though)
1. Blind Guardian
2. Gamma Ray
3. Silent Force
4. Edguy
5. Angra
6. Threshold
7. Devin Townsend
8. Zero Hour
9. Reading Zero
10. Pain of Salvation (zzzz)

It was really hard to rate this because I'm looking forward to checking out all the acts. For some reason though Pain of Salvation just doesn't do anything for me either.

I was surprised by the addition of Devin Townsend but after listening to all the MP3's on his site I'm actually quite excited to check out his show. I really liked the Mp3's Canada and Life and though some of the others were much heavier like SYL they were still cool.

I'm sure my list will change after seeing them live. Last year and I would have rated Steel Prophet and Kamelot as my two bands I most looked forward to and after the two days it was Angel Dust and Evergrey.

Underground Zine Scene
1. Pain Of Salvation
2. Blind Guardian
3. Zero Hour
4. Threshold
5. Devin Townsend (lower on the list because I don't know how his solo albums will translate live...then again, I haven't heard POS live either and their material is equally multilayered. Same for Blind Guardian...damn, did I open a Pandora's box here!)
6. Reading Zero (somebody sign these guys)
7. Angra
8. Gamma Ray
9. Edguy
10. Silent Force
I saw him live like 5 years ago but I cant remember much on how its translated then. But when I hear his live stuff on cds now its translated quiet uniquely. Since most of his material is realise on production he has to take another route in order to pull it off live. Try to download is official bootleg and see for yourself.
I was attending just to see Blind Guardian & Gamma Ray knowing really nothing of the other bands... until I started checking them out..

Edguy - wow, how did I miss these guys?
...I do have the AVANTASIA album and that floored me.

SILENT FORCE - when they were added I actually cheered in my office when checking the site at work... I gotta be more careful with my metal-outbursts.

for those 4 bands it's worth the road trip I have planned and I'll totally enjoy myself regardless if I like any of the other bands.

I did check out one of the "Zero" bands... not bad, but I'm not really into the whole progressive metal scene, I'll give it a few more listens to.

Pain of Salvation I didn't think to much of at the time, but I'll give them another listen too.

I've yet to check out Angra, Devin's other stuff and the rest of the lineup before I can comment.
1) Pain of Salvation - (saw them at PPUSA1, they were best show I've seen in my life)
2) Blind Guardian
3) Gamma Ray
4) Edguy
5) Threshold
6) Angra
7) Silent Force
8) Devin Townsend
9) Zero Hour (great band, but I've seen them once before)
10) Reading Zero (great band, but I've seen them many times)

Here is my list of favs:

1. Devin Townsend (HevyDevy is a musical god!!!)
2. Edguy
3. Blind Guardian
4. Gamma Ray
5. Angra
6. Zero Hour
7. Silent Force
8. Pain of Salvation
9. Reading Zero
10. Threshold