Who is everyonbe's favorite

1 - Edguy
2 - Gamma Ray
3 - Blind Guardian
4 - Angra
5 - Reading Zero
5 - Silent Force
5 - Zero Hour
5 - Threshold
5 - Pain of Salvation
5 - Devin Townsend

I've never heard any of the bands ranked at '5' so it's unfair to make a 'top ten' list. And yet we have another 8 months before PP3 for me to check them out....this list could look radically different in a few months!!! :D

To be honest, I would have gone to PP3 for Edguy alone. Mandrake is just stunning, Theatre of Salvation & Vain Glory Opera are fantastic, and Avantasia is one of the greatest metal albums of all time. OK, it's not really 'Edguy', but Tobias Sammet is the genius behind it all. It still astounds me each time I put it on (on a daily basis). :)
Although all the bands I'm sure will put on a great show because hey it all metal which is all glorious. But these are my favorites
1.Gamma ray
2.Blind guardian
5.Silent Force
7.Devin Townsend
8.Pain of salvation
9.reading zero
10.zero hour