Will there ever be Sweden?

Hej Trollbunden

>Month after month, i get on the Vintersorg website, hoping. Checking out the tourdates, and places. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, anything but Sweden! Why?<

Very sad Sweden has soooo many great metal bands but most swedish concert promoters are not interested in them...

Once again I notice how lucky I am...living in Germany.... Metal rules here!
yeah , that is pretty much sucks when a band come
from a country and almost don't play there ! this
is kind of dumb but yes its the promotors that
don't do their jobs ! well , i guess i am very
lucky since Vintersorg played here in montreal
canada ! this is also pretty wierd...well , hope
you will have your chance to see him live cause
this is a great experience !
Ay, this is a reoccuring theme with many of the bigger Swedish bands. They play in Sweden about once every other or third year, and when they do, they play one gig in the beginning of the summer and nothing else. :err:

Right now In Flames is on tour though, which is always something (seeing them tomorrow in Malmö).