Women in uniform.

I thought your homepage shows a great sense of humour! It is quite generic indeed! :) ;)

I'm downloading the file now. I'll give it a listen. What kind of feedback are you looking for? Better yet..what kind of feedback can you handle? I can do brutal honesty/constructive criticism....you name it. :D
I'm downloading the song right now. :)

Nice site, I used few weeks doing mine and the final result is almost as good as your site...:D
Be as brutal, constructive, or nice as you want to be. If you hurt my feelings I'll just have to learn to play better lol.
I gave it a listen. Did I mention I love this song?

Its pretty good! I mean..given that you are not working with a real drummer - which hurts the sound the most. Levels mixed very well. Good Bass recording (though I like a bass sound like Steve H's...with the string rattle shining through). Guitar playing was there...although I was looking forward to the screaming guitars at the end..and they were not there. ...how long have you been playing guitar?

Quality-wise, I think some post production work would help it out. You definately need to add more reverb (if you added any at all). How did you record the guitars? Miked your amp? Were you trying to match the sound of the original? The overall guitar sound was a bit 'muddy' to me. But this could simply be a guitar players opinion on another guitar players tone (we all have different tastes there)...or it could be that you were trying to match the muddier tone of the original. I dunno.

I think you would fit right in here. :) Thats my 2 cents...and I didn't pull any punches. :)
Thanks for giving it a listen. I appreciate all of your comments!!
I think you pretty much described the way I hear the track. :D
I.....um........well....ok whisper: I played the bass with a pick, sorry! My fingers don't have the stamina to play that fast.
The setup I'm using makes everything sound really bright. So It's hard for me to guess at what it really sounds like.
I recorded the bass, direct in. The guitars, I recorded with a little 15 watt transistor marshall with the volume on about 2. That pretty much eliminated any chance of making the guitar scream!! lol.
There aren't any effects on it. With the exception of a little delay on the drum track. I tried to make the drums sound a little bigger, but you can only do so much with midi.
I recorded everything dry. Miked up the guitar amp, played the left guitar track all the way through, then I played the right guitar track all the way through. No punch ins.
I tried to get Dave's sound on the left, and the old early "iron maiden, album" guitar tone on the right, but once again, I had to just settle for what I got.
I actually added some things to the guitar parts because I thought they were a little tame on the original, I took out the little guitar doodle thing on the change "White apron leather shoes part", I didn't really like the way it sounded.
Anyway, I'll listen to the end of the song, and see what I left out.
I didn't know the guitar parts before I recorded the song. I just
set the balance to left, listened, recorded what I thought I heard, and then did the same for the right side.
Thanks for taking it easy on me!!
Bye the way, I've been playing guitar far longer than I like to admit because I don't practice nearly enough!! Lol.
There are guitar fills all through the end. I didn't really notice them before! Nothing really fancy but they are definitely there!

Originally posted by maidenman
MR H........just had a listen and I like it. Like Rabs said with a bit of production we can faten this right up.
If you wanna have a go at this one properly I'd be happy to do the drum track.
just say the word:)

Yes!!! I can't wait to hear it with real drums!!:D
ok mr H.........After a few more listens to your version, I may have a prob playing along to this. Just cause the drums are a bit low in the mix. If I do I'll just record my drum track from the original. Were you planning on re doing your tracks? It sounds as if you've got this one down anyway, so it should'nt be a prob
That's not good! I can make a remix with the drum track louder if you want. I thought it might be hard to play along to those drums!! It was hard for me too!!
I know I didn't accurately program Clive's tasty licks :)
That's probably what's making it harder to play along with. You hear one thing on the album and something totally different with the midi track.

From your perspective, what would make the mix easier for you to play along with?
Would it be better with Drums and bass, prominent?
If you need to play along with the album, and that means I have to record my parts over, then that is fine too! It's getting the best sounding track that matters!
Whatever you decide will work best for you is ok with me.
tell you what..my drum track(played using the original ) will by on my play in a few minutes, I think we'd ge a better sound if we used it. Meaning you'd have to re do your parts....if thats ok?:( Let me know what you think. gimmie about half hour and it'll be up.
I don't mind having to record my tracks over! I agree that
it will make it better. I'm a little confused about the :( in your post. Did I do something to make you :mad: ?
I ask a lot of questions because recording like this is new to me!
I'm still not sure how you all have managed to put your songs together.
I'm also at a disadvantage because I don't have access to all of the img files. I suppose over time, I'll learn how everything works. If I post something that is out of line, or confusing, feel free to email me to clear up the confusion, or set me straight if that's what needs to be done.
The thing I hate about this board (and many boards i have been on) is that if you want to do a normal 'sad' emoticon...it ends up with this --> :( - mad face. I hate that!

Maybe we should petition mark (or crossy) to get that changed. I always catch myself trying to use the standard frown face in ascii..but having to pull it for this reason....cause I don't want to give people the impression that I am mad.

The 'cry' one is worse....is this smiley --> :cry: - supposed to be crying? Its looks like its embarrassed more than anything else...