You all sux, yep you all suck, get to reality, each and everyone of you on this board


True Light

No explaination...needed!
The crap you all talk about, someone aplolizing that he wasn't logged on when posting, its the fucken shits. Fucken think before you all post...and your thought patterns are of the masses.

Question: Why doesn't NEVERMORE have a warning sticker on its cd's, like so many others in the charts?

NP vicious rumours - Word Of Mouth , the real gods of THRASH metal.

Now you can all fuck off! :)
Who forced you to come here?Posting something like that is much more stupid than what you mention.Get a life man...

btw Vicious Rumours are thrash?Damn,I always thought they were Norwegian black metal...
hahahahaha I love this shit... I admit some people make very very stupid posts, but I am not going to shit myself because of it... true light you throw this word "Reality" into the situation... Explain it to me, because I seem to not understand your reality, but I understand mine, and others may even understand theirs... so which is true, true light, are you the answer for all the questions.
True Light is the eeeeeevil version of NoLordy (or the less pretty one... whichever works... :D )
HEY! I know someone who likes Vicious Rumor! HAHAHAHA! I think I know who this guy is. Not only VR,,but sentence structure. DAMN! Hey LSDMAN,,you should know who im talking about.

Dragon Lord>>>>>Not black metal. These guys are more powertrip metal. I know due to the fact that "someone" from the old board told me about them......hahaha!ANd I got their 2000 release.

LSDMAN>>>Think dude! Old board! VR.
NoLordy, are you being serious or sarcastic? I thought you were EVIL!. Are you also True Light? Anyway, Whoever the hell True Light is, this person seems to piss off as many people as possible. I asked True Light what his/her suggestion would be for a new "National Anthem" but recieved no reply. But, don't BITCH or complain about something unless you are going to offer solutions, suggestions, or improvements. If you can't do this, then SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Also, I have other things to do with my time rather than waste it putting down other people. We can agree to disagree, but when you say we suck (suxx) then FUCK YOU COCKSUCKER!!! NEVERMORE RULES!!!

Insted of : Drugs are escape for those who can't face reality! Try this:

Author Unknown

ZANEX " I AM THE DOG":heh: :headbang:
It isn't me.

NoLordy's Song of the Week:
Paradise Lost - I Am Nothing

Nice song, I must say.
LEDMAG, this is ZANEX. I also hope its not NoLordy. I was on the "old board" a few times, but not as much as you. But anyway, I hope it's not DEVIL MAN. Take Care.

ZANEX "I AM THE DOG":heh: :headbang: :devil:

P.S. I was at the Estil Co. Fair with a NEVERMORE "Dreaming Neon Black" Shirt. My fiances neices were in the young girls beauty pagent.
I shall see if this is so.
Thanks, big guy.

No, it isn't me, kids. I don't care for the name "True Light."
Ledmag- hahahaha, yeah I know who it is, I am just playing around with him, he knows I have the utmost respect... I am always glad to see him here...

Stay Metal
Maybe I will never see it in the same light as you, the light at teh ned of the lennut.
Originally posted by True Light
Maybe I will never see it in the same light as you, the light at teh ned of the lennut.
It doesn't matter.
All that really matters is that you see the TRUE LIGHT! Even if you find it hidden in the darkest corner of your imdn... oops, sorry; tunnel I ment! or lennut.:cool:
nice coffee talk, really!

didn´t u guys talk about sports? fuckin?

but now to something completely different: