Your Opeth album

I made this a few months ago.

The Funeral Portrait
Master's Apprentices
The Twilight Is My Robe
Black Rose Immortal
White Cluster

Not necessarily my favorite off of every album, but I've made a couple Opeth mixes before and wanted to change the songs I use a little bit. I do love every one of these though!
1. Forest of October
2. The Twilight is my Robe
3. Advent
4. The Night and the Silent Water
5. When
6. The Amen Corner
7. Karma
8. Godhead's Lament
9. Moonlapse Vertigo
10. Bleak
11. Harvest
12. The Drapery Falls
13. Dirge For November
14. Blackwater Park
15. Wreath
16. A Fair Judgment

Over 2 CD's, of course.

(maybe I picked a bit too much....)
I'll just take Still Life, maybe Karma worked into it somewhere, I really couldn't care too much though. Just get out the audio tool and make it instread of wishing. Feel your dreams drift to reality young ones...
I like the songs how they are, but I'd like to expand on the length of the albums.. So maybe an mp3 CD with everything in sequence.

awwh. here goes:

Leper Affinity
Moonlapse Vertigo
The Twilight is My Robe
Night and the Silent Water
The Amen Corner
Godhead's Lament
Blackwater Park
Master's Apprentices
To Bid You Farewell
Credence Live (w/distorted ending)

hmm.. only okay.
This is a difficult task, indeed.

1. Epilogue
2. April Ethereal
3. When

...wait a minute, that would be the makings of MAYH...okay, let me try it again....

1. When
2. Karma
3. Demon of the Fall
4. April

....I give up. ;)
Morningrise. Every single song on Morningrise. Its the most perfect album I have EVER heard.

Speaking of which, Mike and Peter said 'The Night and The Silent Water' is their least favourite Opeth song. I think they were drunk when they said that, with TNATSW Opeth have reached horizons no other band ever has.

I just visited a friend of mine who works in a local Radio station, and he was short of songs. I had Morningrise with me in my bag (I always carry the baby with me :D) and I suggested, hoping against hope, that he plays something from it. He said he didnt know the band so if I wanted to play something, I had to talk a bit about the band, the album and the song. AND THE WHOLE DAMN TOWN WOULD HEAR IT!!

AND I DID IT!!! I was shit scared, but hey, its Opeth we're taking about!! I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, played the Drapery Falls tune in my head (always helps to relax) and I played TNATSW! :headbang:

Woohoo! I still cant believe it :heh: :heh: :heh: