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Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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Metal - for my love of metal music

Man - other than being my gender, no other real reason

Metalman - when I was younger, I used the CB radio alot, and I needed a handle. At that time, I put the two words together

CPA - I am a Certified Public Accountant (why not be proud of an accomplishment)

Put them all together, and what does it spell? That's right - metalmancpa

"Hoser" is a term taken from an SCTV sketch comedy bit from the early 80's starring Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas). The bit mocked the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television-telecommunications Commission) who enforced "CANcon" (Canadian content) regulations on the show. Citing that there is no such thing as distinctly "Canadian" content, the bit was thrown together to satisfy the regulations featuring two complete stereotypes of the "Canadian identity" in Bob and Doug. The brothers often referred to each other as "Hoser" in a derogatory sort of way (i.e. "Take off, you hoser!") and it has since passed into pop culture simply as slang for "Canadian".

When I was in grade 12 I was in a graphics class and had to make a logo representing myself as a graphics company (Hoser Graphics), and then one of my assignments was industrial design and I drew a car, which was from the fictional company "Hoser Motors" (adapting my Hoser Graphics logo) which I called the Hellspawn. The Hoser Hellspawn (I liked the alliteration and though "Hellspawn" was a cool name for a car). Since it contained both the notions of Canadian nationalism and a genaral anti-religiousness, I adopted it as my online handle.
tenebrose from the latin tenabrae meaning dark or gloomy.

It is used in the old English translations of the Prophecies of Nostradamus. More specifically, in his description of August 11th 1999, my 15th birthday.

What the good prophet said:
"This will be preceded by an eclipse of the sun, more obscure and tenebrose than has ever been since the creation of the world, except that after the death and passion of Jesus Christ"

It also suits me. ;)
No, it isn't some variation on Demon Of The Fall (or Demons & Wizards), I've been using this nickname for nearly three years now and before I had ever heard Opeth. It emerged from a list of imaginary band names I submitted to a friend, and I felt this was the best one. The band never get off the ground, leaving me in possession of the name, which itself was derived after a night of drinking and listening to Mercyful Fate.
Kem is shortened from the name Kementari...a character from The Silmarillion. I just couldn't be bothered writing the other letters so one day I just called myself Kem :)
My nick is Villain for two reasons:

1. It is rather close to my real name and thus easy for my friends to associate.

2. In any form of fiction, I just always find myself supporting the bad side. Not because I'd be bad myself, just because I'm so damn tired of "heroes" and happy endings. Thus, I'm a villain.

-Villain (np: The Black League - Doomsday Sun - "Sanguinary Blues")
This nick is actually something taken from an old Ravenloft story when I was about 15. The full name was Andres Duvall, and back in the day (EFnet on IRC when they had 5000 people, not 30000) the nick wasn't around too much. I've used it as my nickname and email identity ever since. And I really don't know why.
Well, my favorite band is Savatage, whose last album is called Poets and Madmen (but the expression also figures in the albums Handful of Rain and The Wake of Magellan). Since I also write poetry (and probably am not exactly what you would call the most "normal" person in the world), that seems to be a fitting name for any purpose.
Zerokelvin means 0K or approx. -273 Celcius.

1) It has been my nickname for ... YEARS!? woah it's getting old...seriously I've had it for 2 years and a half...
2) Ì'm into physics and stuff...
3)If you ever visited Montreal by'd see it's FREAKING cold!!!
4) No it has NOTHING to do with that hacker Zerocool.