1. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone
  2. S

    Free melodic hard rock multitracks for December 2019 - new ones monthly

    ***February 2020 Update: new Paramore-esque alternative rock multitracks are out*** Link at the bottom of the post. Preview of February's song: Hello! I've been a member here for years but rarely post. I've started a newsletter that delivers free multitracks once per month. You'll...
  3. Silkoch

    Free 5 String Bass Sample Library

    I have recently sampled my friends ESP Ltd 5 string bass guitar. The seven round robin layers per note make the sampled instrument more realisitic. It's certainly not the best bass sampler out there but I find it to sound better then any of the free bass samplers I have tried so far. Here is a...
  4. atoragon

    Free Trident Impulse response pack (Marshall 4x12 and Orange 2x12)

    Hello guys! I've made an impulse pack with a Marshall JVM into a Marshall 1960 4x12 and an Orange 2x12 cab, 24 bits, 48khz, 2 microphones (Shure SM57 and Sennheiser e609) and various positions. You can download it for free here...
  5. K

    Logic Pro X Metal Mix Template (Free Download)

    Download Logic Pro X Metal Mix Template for free using free and stock plugins -
  6. B

    Hi - I need your help (mixing and mastering)

    This will seem like an advertisement for my "brand" that doesn't exist. But all I want is to get better at mixing. So I've been "producing" my own music for almost a year now. The thing is I wanna get better at mixing and mastering metal music but with only mixing my own music it will be harder...
  7. this-is-a-cool-username

    Over 1400 Free Kemper Profiles! ( many D.I. Profiles, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Profiles, ...)

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys I tried to recreate the sound of the following amps: For Guitar: AMPS Victory Kraken (Direct & Studio) Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe (Direct Profiles) Soldano SLO 100 (Direct & Studio) Sunn Beta Lead (Direct ) Fender Bassman (Direct ) Fender...
  8. Blacksmith93

    searching metal mixing tasks

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this world and I'm searching some brave musicians in order to do some mixing practice with real people and music. I'm obviously not going to ask anything, just to submit to me some of your works, if you like you can keep it and of course, offers, critics, tips etc are...
  9. AntonioPetrole

    [Tutorial] Free Vocalign Alternative In Reaper

    Oi my dudes. I came across a sweet script on the cockos forums that has similar functionality to aligning takes in Vocalign (not vocal tuning). I made a quick video that ended up quite long, but I walk through all the steps on how to get/install it. Enjoy!
  10. QuantumSound

    Need mixing/mastering? I'll do it for FREE! (dead serious)

    Hey, I'm a novice audio engineer looking for work to gain experience and to spread my name a little bit. I will do mixing and mastering for (you guessed it) metal of all kinds. I have some experience mixing my own band and plan to have an album out by the end of the year. Now, if you're...
  11. henryjarv

    Free cymbal samples + 2Box midi template for Reaper

    Here's a lot of cymbal samples (Stereo, 2 OH mics) Hi-Hat: Closed_1_Shaft, Closed_2_Shaft, Closed_1_Tip, Closed_2_Tip, Pedal, Open_A/B/C/D Ride: Shaft, Tip, Bell Crash 1: Shaft, Bell, Choke Crash 2: Shaft, Bell, Choke...
  12. SpiralTapir

    Free mix!

    Hey guys I am looking to hone my mixing skills some more by mixing someone else's material for free. "Nothing is ever free", true however I would be getting paid in experience. Please PM me if interested and want to discuss more details. Looking forward to hearing from you sexy people ;)
  13. Father Daniel

    CLOSED. Free mixing/mastering of 1 song and reamping of 3 songs (DKS Studios)

  14. F

    Free music video

    Hi All Im a filmmaker and all my projects seem to be really really tame recently... I need some metal back in my life, id like to offer a free music video to a really crazy band. I need to let lose and get back to my darkness for a while and need to connect with a band who is interested. I...
  15. EmiRizzi

    KOMPOZ collaborations

    Anyone else have a Kompoz account? I'm looking for people to collaborate with on rock and metal tracks! I can play and program drums, and can play bass and guitar. I'm dedicated and very eager!! Hit me up, guys! Check out the attached MP3 for one of the stupidly many song ideas and tracks I...
  16. B

    Musicians Seeking Mixing Engineer

    I am looking for a band that has recorded tracks that need to be mixed. I'm in the intermediate stages of learning to mix, and it would be helpful to gain some more experience through raw recordings rather than pre-processed tracks. I'm not looking to charge, please email me at...
  17. R

    Free VST plugins for Guitar Players

    Hi guys! I'm currently running a weekly "show" where I demo different FREE VSTs for guitar (amp sims, pedals sims etc..). New video every Friday! Here's the link to the playlist:
  18. Ylamja

    VST Warehouse [533 posts ]

    Hi there, i've a blog called "VST Warehouse". There are over 500 free & legal VST plugins, effects and instruments. Blog founds at:
  19. NordicMoon91

    FREE DOWNLOAD - Exalt the Throne's new single, Rampant Idolatry - female-fronted melodic metal

    My band Exalt the Throne has released our new single Rampant Idolatry in anticipation of our upcoming debut album Long Live the King. The single is for free download on our ReverbNation page: Enjoy! \m/
  20. V

    Noise Invader - A new freeware VST Noise Gate I've just developed

    Hi guys. I was reading some discussions here on Reddit last week about VST plugins, amp sims and all the great freeware plugins available. However, someone noted that there is a distinct lack of good free noise gate plugins. As an audio developer myself, I decided to fill this gap in the market...