Noise Invader - A new freeware VST Noise Gate I've just developed


Nov 8, 2008
Hi guys. I was reading some discussions here on Reddit last week about VST plugins, amp sims and all the great freeware plugins available. However, someone noted that there is a distinct lack of good free noise gate plugins. As an audio developer myself, I decided to fill this gap in the market by building one.

After only 4 days of development, I've managed to come up with a very good algorithm, which I've dubbed Noise Invader.

You can download the initial release from my Github page:

Personally, I used to use a plugin called Cortex Expander, which is fairly good, but has not been available officially for many years. You can find copies of the dll files floating around the internet, but there was no 64 bit version and no source code available. I decided that my plugin had to be at least as good as Cortex Exp, that was my benchmark.

The plugin is fairly complex, as noise gates go. The official tech description would be "a dual-threshold expander", as it is not just a brick-wall gate, but has two adjustable controls for controlling how smoothly the signal fades in and out (I hate noise gates that just cut the signal sharply, they sound like horse shit). It has lots of parameters to tweak, although you only need to worry about 3 or 4 of them to get good use out of it.

There's no GUI yet.

Hopefully you will find it useful. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, with so many parameters, but have a peek at the first page in the manual for a brief explanation of what each parameter does.

For the more technically inclined, the manual also contains a rather detailed description of how each component inside the algorithm works - All written in good old C++ :)
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<s>any chance for compiled .dll file??</s> never mind, I didn't read whole description and went through folders on github as usually.
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I hate noise gates that just cut the signal sharply, they sound like horse shit


Would like to try that one tomorrow. Sounds like it kinda works the same way the noisegate i "built" for myself via VSTs does.
Just one little bugger here: when moving the .dll to my plugins folder and opening the DAW, i got an error message "xyz is missing". Closed it without thinking, and now i can´t start the plugin. Doesn´t show the message again either >.<
*i feel so awfully stupid now*
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