1. S

    Gain Stage released six new Virtual Amps (Standalone|VST|AU)

    Gain Stage recently released six Virtual Amps (recreations of very famous high gain tube heads) based on modern Machine Learning / Neural Network approach with in my opinion very realistic tube sound. The Virtual Amps are available as standalone and VST/AU plugins (one installer for Mac and...
  2. fewa-w

    FewtubeFX - OMG... VST Amplifiers

    Hi. Have you tried my Emerald boost plugin for doom, stoner? Check it on my website you will be not disappointed. https://fewtubefx.blogspot.com/ Also, there are other cool amps for heavy music and other styles too. Demo on youtube
  3. Luan Albani

    Randall Satan Amp sim - Blades By Vadim Taranov Amp vst

    Great vst by Vadim Taranov BUY IT NOW! http://pvamps.blogspot.com Barong cab IR: https://luanalbani.wixsite.com/devilslab/impulse-response Guitar player: Filipe Bragio
  4. atoragon

    Mixing Tutorial with Free Plugins

    Hello guys! I've just finished my 5 parts mixing tutorial with free plugins, let me know what do you think: http://atoragon.blogspot.com/2019/01/how-to-mix-song-with-free-plugins-part.html
  5. alessandroarzilli

    Mercuriall SS-11X - My video review

    Hello everybody! I would like to share with you all my video review of the VST plugin Mercuriall SS-11X! I used my custom Jackson! Please let me know what you tthink of it! I'm looking for your true impressions!
  6. Kazrog

    Big shout out to Andy and this forum in my new FAQ video

    While it's been a while since I've posted, my sense of indebtedness and loyalty to this community never goes away. Love you guys!
  7. S

    Using Guitar Pro to play drums directly in VST

    Using Guitar Pro to play drums directly in Addictive Drums ? (or any other instrument !) I was asked "why not just export the .mid?" and well, that's what I did for the last 15 years. -YES, Guitar Pro is very old :) But the purpose is to enable you to use it AS you compose in Guitar Pro, not...
  8. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 2/3: LePou

    Hi guys, here is the second article I've done about free guitar amp sims. In this one we compare 5 free LePou/Poulin plugins. Enjoy! http://atoragon.blogspot.sk/2017/12/best-free-guitar-amp-sims-2017-23-lepou.html
  9. P

    Amplitube Version 2 - VST

    Any old Amplitube 2 owners wanting to sell their VST license? It HAS to be the full standard/ classic version 2.
  10. P

    *** Wanting to buy IK's OLD Amplitube version 2 VST ***

    Any old Amplitube 2 owners wanting to sell their VST license? It HAS to be the full standard/ classic version 2.
  11. B

    free black metal vst's?

    hey guys. i am looking for some atmospheric/industrial/choral samples/loops/synths to augment my vocals/guitar. some of the bands i am inspired to write akin to are wardruna, heilung, aquilus, nordvargr, batushka, ulver send me some recommendations! thanks!
  12. abaga129

    I just release a new Multiband Compressor!

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've posted here, but I would like to share my new plugin with you guys! :kickass: It's called M4 and as the title says, it is a Multiband Compressor. M4 has 4 frequency bands that are adjustable. The compressors have controls for the following...
  13. nezvers

    At last PSA-1 in VST

    Respect to AXP, because I already lost my hopes for PSA-1 in VST format. Go and support him on KVR developer challenge contest! - https://www.kvraudio.com/kvr-developer-challenge/2016/ Now I can have PSA goodness on bass guitar too... and do some Rammstein covers :D
  14. NSP

    New free VST overdrive "Over Diver od82o"

    Hi all, I've created a new VST overdrive called "Over Diver od82o". Basic features: 64-bit internal processing; 16X/8X/no oversampling; symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping; classic/punchy mode; input level adjustment; stereo processing; 64/32-bit versions (Windows only). It's free to use...
  15. F

    Problems with massive metal bass vst help please!!!

    Hey guys/girls. I'm going to cut to the point. I've downloaded the "Cory brunnemann" massive metal bass instrument for KONTAKT. And I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to make alternate picking different from slides or mutes using velocity change. If that makes sense please speak...
  16. R

    Free VST plugins for Guitar Players

    Hi guys! I'm currently running a weekly "show" where I demo different FREE VSTs for guitar (amp sims, pedals sims etc..). New video every Friday! Here's the link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1Y-TuZrtwX5CO8OQFWbbyxcLoOpLmzXN
  17. abaga129

    I'm Beginning a Series of Tutorials on Developing Plug-ins

    Hey everyone, I've begun creating a series of tutorials about developing audio plug-ins using C++ and the JUCE Framework. If you're interested in this topic, you can find the tutorials on my blog at http://www.modernmetalproduction.com I will be posting the 3rd part later today. Right now I'm...
  18. abaga129

    New Website With a Focus on Plugin Development

    Hey everyone, it's Reker here. I wanted to share my website with you. http://www.modernmetalproduction.com I'm wanting to build a strong community that is focused on production techniques and helping each other out with technical skills related to audio such as plugin development and DSP. I...
  19. P-Keisari

    Free guitar cab / impulse loader help?

    Hi! I'm not that familiar with those free amp simulators, but I've heard, that there are couple of some really nice ones out there. Only one that I'm familiar with is the Poulin LeGion, which sounds rather nice IF you have a decent cabinet simulator, which I haven't been able to find. Every free...
  20. V

    Noise Invader - A new freeware VST Noise Gate I've just developed

    Hi guys. I was reading some discussions here on Reddit last week about VST plugins, amp sims and all the great freeware plugins available. However, someone noted that there is a distinct lack of good free noise gate plugins. As an audio developer myself, I decided to fill this gap in the market...