I just release a new Multiband Compressor!


The Apprentice
Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I would like to share my new plugin with you guys! :kickass:
It's called M4 and as the title says, it is a Multiband Compressor. M4 has 4 frequency bands that are adjustable.

The compressors have controls for the following.
  • Threshold
  • Attack
  • Release
  • Ratio
  • Gain
Along with these controls there is also a switch to disable the automatic gain correction which is applied based on each compressors' threshold value.

Metering in M4 is a little different than most compressors. M4 shows gain reduction by displaying the Input level and Output level and Gain Reduction all in one meter. The Input level is represented by the top of the meter, If gain reduction is applied then part of the meter will be darkened. This bottom of the darkened region represents the output level for that band.

It is available for Windows(32bit and 64bit VST) Mac OS X(32bit & 64bit VST/AU) and Linux(64bit VST only).
M4 is $15 but if you are unsure if it is right for you, there is a demo version available.

You can download the demo and listen to audio examples on the product page here http://www.modernmetalproduction.com/product/m4-multiband-compressor-vst-au/

I would love it if you guys check it out. Thanks for your time
P.S. I also have a couple of free plugins on my website too.:)
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