Ignite Amps + Andy Zeugs = The Anvil preamp plug-in (PC/Mac freeware)

Wild Hades

Clean channels are for pussies
May 2, 2006
Ignite Amps The Anvil Plug-In has been officially released! It is now available for PC and Intel Mac too, in both VST and AU formats.

The Anvil is a digital emulation of a three channels tube preamplifier for guitar. It has been developed to accurately model its real hardware counterpart, designed by Andy Zeugs.

− Dynamic 12AX7 / ECC83 coupled triode stages analog modeling
− Three channels: clean, rhythm and lead, each with fully separated controls
− Mono / Stereo processing support
− Selectable oversampling rate (up to 8x)
− Global input / output level controls
− Double precision (64 bit) floating point mathematical model
− Fully automatable controls
- Zero latency

Fully coded in C++



Make sure to read the manual, expecially the part about input / output levels.
Follow the instructions to install it, depending on what platform/format you use.

Download links available at:
under the "Audio Plug-Ins" section

Thanks to Andy Zeugs for inspiring this work, for his tests and opinion and for providing reference tracks from the real hardware.

Thanks to the beta testers:
Paolo Campitelli, shirano, coreydrake, polifemo, daxliniere and FormSRAudio

Enjoy \m/
great stuff, i have a hardware anvil preamp that i bought from lasse and this thing incredible rocks!!
i´m gonna checkout the vst version for sure
can't try this version unfortunately, but the original is a fecking beast!
I'm using it way to rarely, just because I don't have a dedicated poweramp anymore and plugin it into the return of an FX loop is too much hassle live.
it's got a fantastic chewy sound, very nice mids.

Here's a clip from the lead channel bright andshape off, everything around noon.
I used the poweramp section of the Uberschall with KT88


(I know, most people will say I could have turned the presence up a notch, but I wanted to show the chewy mids primarily)
Thanks a lot man, very very awesome of you to share, will definitely try tonight!!!!! :D very excited about it, since the other plugins you've developed sound so pleasing it's ridiculous!
Fuck yes thanks a ton, the two previous plugs were ace, this should be just as killer!