Ignite Amps NRR1 - FREE 3 ch. tube preamp (Windows VST 32bit)

Wild Hades

Clean channels are for pussies
May 2, 2006
Guess it won't hurt to post it here too, so here it goes:

After 11 months of work, I'm proud to release my first amp simulator: NRR1

Main features
− Dynamic 12AX7 / ECC83 coupled triode stages analog modeling
− Three channels: clean, rhythm and lead, each with fully separated controls
− Selectable Mono / Stereo processing support
− Selectable oversampling rate (up to 8x)
− Global input / output level controls
− Double precision floating point operations support
− Fully automatable controls

Fully coded in C++ using the Steinberg VST SDK 2.4

GUI Front:

GUI Rear:

Alternative GUI front:

Alternative GUI rear:

Make sure to read the manual, expecially the part about input / output levels and volume controls.
Follow the instructions to install it (just copy the file into your VST folder), use the NRR1_NoSSE.dll file only if you have a really old machine without SSE support.

I'd like to thank, once again, LePou and Onqel for their help and suggestions and for all the interesting discussions we had about analog modeling.
Thanks to Junior Paiz too for his tests and feedback.

Download link:

Alternative GUI version:


(for any issue with download, let me know)

If you're registered one guitarampmodeling, here is the thread with some clips:


NOTE: remember that this plugin is a preamp simulator, so you'll need to use a cabinet simulation after it. Best to use an Impulse Response based plugin, like LeCab from LePou.
Something in between, as written in the manual.
The preamp has been developed starting from an X88R/SLO type circuit, but it has been modded after to suit the player (Cristiano Trionfera from Fleshgod Apocalypse) needs at best.
This plugin emulates the preamp that came out of that collaboration.
so this is basically based on the fleshgod apocalypse's guitar rig, mh?

interesting. great band btw!
so this is basically based on the fleshgod apocalypse's guitar rig, mh?
Yeah. The real preamp was paired with a class D 180W power amp, because Cristiano needed something loud but light to take on tour and a tube power amp weights too much.

And yeah, definitely a great band and he is a really cool guy.

Thanks for your interest, guys
My first try:

There's a possibility of like 95% that it sounds like shit, but that is my fault,
not the ampsim. I use the cheapest interface I could find and pretty cheap
t.bone headphones to mix.

Chain was my charvel model a into my interface, into ts808, than into
ignite, 2 tracks on the rhythm chanel, with bass at 5/10, mids at 6/10
highs at 5/10 and gain at 7/10, into lecab with awesometime impulses.
2 tracks of this panned 75% on each side.
Another 2 tracks with the lead channel (also ts808 in front) with gain at
4/10, bass at 6/10, mids at 4/10, highs at 5/10 and prescene at 5/10.
Also the awesometime impulses, ts808 settings were drive at 1/10
volume at 7/10, tone at 5/10.
Thats it, a hp at 90hz and a low pass at 11khz.

The bass is also ignet, my music man sub into the lead channel with gain at
2/10, bass at 7/10, mids at 1/10, highs at 3/10, prescene at 4/10, bright.
Impulses were some ampegs I found a long time ago.

Like I said before, not the best situation for mixing, and I suck at playing, writing,
mixing and especially mastering :D

But atleast, I posted a sample :D
^ Doesn't sound bad at all...has that dense F.A. sound. Can't wait to try this out tonight. Thanks! LOVE the GUI, btw!
Not bad at all! ;)
Maybe a bit on the thin side, but cutting some trebles could be enough. Thanks for posting it!

Thanks, this is pretty cool! Here's my first try:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9799371/NRR1 Test.mp3
Loving it! Great tone, mix and great writing! Digging the riffs and the melody too.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8290798/nrr1 test.mp3

Here's a super quick 1 take per side clip.

This thing sounds different. Kind of Bogner meets Marshall meets Mesa... It's chunky, to say the least.
Digging the tone on this one as well! If you improve the drums it would be great.

Thanks for your time, guys! Hope you're enjoying it!