1. J

    Playing Live without a Drummer (Thrash Metal)

    Hey all, I know this was a discussion years ago, but I want to get your opinions now. My guitarist and I have been looking for a drummer for two years now with absolutely no luck. All the drummers we have spoken to are either already in 5 other bands (and thus unavailable) or don't do metal...
  2. CiG

    The Live Albums Thread

    So I've been jamming a few live albums a lot lately and I realized just how much I neglect live albums in general, and how killer they can be. I didn't find a live albums thread so I figured I'd make one and harvest all of your sweet sweet recommendations. Here's a few more recent live albums...
  3. A

    Rate my mix on this Lamb of God instrumental / guitar cover

    Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP Eclipse Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out to Fredman Catharsis and GuitarHack's impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry expansion Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian

    Anal Cunt Live '93

    They seem like good Christian boys
  5. VoltronLions

    The One You Love To Hate - Live Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate

  6. FuSoYa

    Kayo Dot Tour Dates- feb/mar 2020

    Fri 02/28/20 Binghamton, NY @ Galaxy Brewing Company Sat 02/29/20 Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary Sun 03/01/20 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups (early show at 6:30) Mon 03/02/20 Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing Wed 03/04/20 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (Also with Blktxxth) Thu 03/05/20 Madison, WI @...
  7. Firen

    COB Meet and Greet/VIP

    I was wondering if anyone has ever done a Meet and Greet or purchased the VIP experiences on one of their tours before. I've never purchased one for any show before but I am considering it for the Hexed tour. Mainly because I've seen them like 20 times already haha. Anyways I would love to...
  8. R

    Use a wireless Lavalier mic for live performance

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and I have already a question which occured to me today. From the musical and theater performances I've seen that the actors use wireless Lavarier mics (also pop stars from time to time), which are indeed quite handy for live performances, but I never...
  9. L

    New Live Photos from Dark Tranquility

    hi ! Here is the link of Live Photos in Paris 2018
  10. anita_job

    Dark Tranquillity - Live at Summer Breeze 2017 (Johan Reinholdz and Christopher Amott on Guitars)

    Niklas Sundin is apparently taking a break from touring to spend time with his kid. When I first saw this footage I was shocked that I didn't recognize either the guitarists or the bassist.
  11. Jearnest13

    FYRE metal from Altoona, Pennsylvania

    Recently released album from FYRE - 3 Ghosts brings back the sound of what metal started out as with a hint of the newer direction of metal. Blistering vocals lead this album, with melodies that will have you banging your head for weeks to come. Check us out...
  12. Blond Panda

    Looking for live drum multitracks

    So I've been looking through the internet, hoping to find some nice sounding live drum tracks because up until now I've only ever really dealt with MIDI drums and I want to learn how to mix live recordings. However I saw myself unable to find anything to satisfy my needs. Most of the older links...
  13. Midas

    Amon Amarth LIVESTREAM 22 May 2016 9:30 am

    The band just posted this link on twitter. Do NOT miss it!
  14. F

    Symphony X - Live Report

    I could be wrong but I think it's my fourth time with Symphony X. I've always found them to be a pretty cool band but they never gained my fanboy status like a few other bands I could mention. I still like to check them out whenever they release a CD and Underworld is a great effort by the guys...
  15. R

    Rammstein bootlegs

    Hello I'm looking for Rammstein bootlegs (specially audio) I havn't. Thanks
  16. M

    Children Of Bodom Argentina

    Just wanted to make a post hoping that somebody related to the band read this and tells Alexi that PLEASE COME TO ARGENTINAAAAAAAAAAA WITH MEGADETH ON AUGUST 22TH!
  17. F

    Threshold Live Report

    Another night with the kings of English prog metal Threshold was the order of the day as I made my way to the Islington Academy on an unseasonably warm Sunday night. Threshold are a band that have just the right amount of prog whilst still making very accessible tunes to hum or sing along with...
  18. Imprint haunting

    Ides of Winter record live jam video

    Canadian Endemic metal band record live session of "Compound Missfortune", a track from their upcoming album. Link is below: