The Live Albums Thread


Dimension Hatröss
May 22, 2015
So I've been jamming a few live albums a lot lately and I realized just how much I neglect live albums in general, and how killer they can be. I didn't find a live albums thread so I figured I'd make one and harvest all of your sweet sweet recommendations.

Here's a few more recent live albums I've been loving:

Also post any full live set videos if you feel like it, those rule too.
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One of my faves from years gone.


One more recent.
That Iron Maiden Live After Death is one of the best.

Live from Cleveland. The lead singer's stage banter reminds me of Dr. Rockso.


Live from New Jersey - Before playing The Years of Decay - "Tim says this song is gay, but personally I kinda like it".
Wrecking Everything is a great show.
Blitz's stage banter is usually pretty good. There is some live bootlegs of the early years floating around the net and some of the stuff he talks about at different shows is quiet entertaining.
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This is another great live album that I used to listen to frequently. The Something Wicked Trilogy and Dark Saga Trilogy at the end of each disc are great live performances.
acdc live.jpg
I bought this when I was getting into rock and metal back in the early 90s. One advantage of live albums is they were an affordable way to get a lot of bands hit songs on one album.
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I happily neglect live albums just because I am that much more into the studio versions. They can be good for some novelty though.

Mayhem - Mediolanum Capta Est has Attila join Maniac for a song (in the full set they pair up again on Funeral Fog but I dunno why they cut that from the release). Plus it's their first live release where you hear the Silvester Anfang intro with crowd noises, always liked that thing.

One of my overall favourite non-metal live performances is definitely this one, the best part being the 12-minute live rendition of "Give You All the Love (Inside of Me)", starting at about 13:54 in this clip:

As for albums, I think "Live" is their best. Here's a clip with side A:

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Alright so I'm gonna jump on this, 'cause The Wacken Carnage is one of my favourite, if not my favourie live album. The first live show from "a drunken side project" caught on camera, with perfect sound and without a fucking note out of place? Outdoors?? Brilliant. Great setlist (love they played all of Breeding Death). This was when Bloodbath was a true super group as well (no disrespect to Nick, Paradise Lost are great - but he's not the best fit imo) but, Swano and Blakkheim are Godly on this. And sure Åkerfeldt isn't THAT funny, but the whole "death metal voice / Dani Filth" adds to the recording... on the whole I think it's a really fun live album. Love how in Furnace Funeral they play the Left Hand Path solo :lol: total Swedeath worship!!
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Fuck yea man, Akerfeldt Bloodbath was the best. Saw them live at Hellfest France 2010 (holy fuck it’s been that long already)
I miss live shows! Actually, I miss leaving the house to do anything! Bought tickets for Exhumed and Goatwhore's live stream shows. Will probably buy one for the upcoming Gatecreeper live stream show.
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