speed metal

  1. ChemicalWarfare84

    Agent Steel: speed metal or thrash metal?

    One of my favorite old-school metal songs is "Unstoppable Force" by Agent Steel, and for the longest time, I thought they were thrash metal because I discovered them via a YouTube video about thrash metal. However, now I'm seeing quite a few sources that label them as speed metal, so now I'm...
  2. Iwan Ruby

    Colderra, Power Metal unit from Indonesia

    We are Colderra, Power metal band from Malang, Indonesia. We formed at the end of 2016, in 2018 we released our debut album "Quantum Imagination" under an Indonesian label too, Gerbang Sembilan. Now we are preparing and working on material for the 2nd album, "Cracked" is the first single...
  3. Iwan Ruby

    Colderra Music

    hai guys, I play in a band called COLDERRA from Indonesia, we formed at the end of 2016. Basically we play power metal and speed metal but we also have ballads song. At the end of 2018 we released our debut album "Quantum Imagination" then in june 2021 we released a new single "Cracked" as...
  4. DevilontheLoose


    Hi All, If you are into Blackened Speed / Heavy Metal please check this out, a band of 5 underground portuguese pariahs. Cheers https://elsfocsnegres.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/ElsFocsNegres
  5. M

    Agent Steel’s “No Other Godz Before Me” album is now available for pre-order

    So did anyone else see this? The announcement was first posted on the band’s official Facebook page, along with the album cover as well as legit release date. What do you think? Here’s the press release coming from the band’s label: ”International metal overlords and true masters of the craft...
  6. EricC

    Fans of classic Stratovarius, Speed Metal & Shrapnel Shredders...

    ETERNITY'S END may be the band for you. Below are 2 songs from their 2nd album, Unyielding:
  7. MorkastMetal

    Morkast to release first full length album "Deadlands"

    Morkast is based out of Toledo, OH and features ex members of Forever Lost and Buried but Breathing. Their first, full-length album "Deadlands" will be available via digital download in early 2019 and limited runs of vinyl presses will follow. Check out their first two singles below "Marrow...
  8. N

    Bloodsport 'Kumite Attack' EP

    First Bloodsport EP is up, new band from Canada for fans of 80s heavy/speed metal! Original artwork by Constance Knight totally worshipping the 80s cult film by the same name. Giv'er a listen and buy the digital or a tape / CD if you're into it. Cheers and thanks! http://bloodsportband.bandcamp.com
  9. mutagor

    Help me ID this song/band, please!

    Short sample Sounds a lot like Motorhead, here is the game video I cut the samle from: It looks like first 3 songs are from the same band. But definetly it's not a Sinister Haze as YouTube says under the video. Maybe just the last one. Also, they don't sound like some amateurs, obviously it's...
  10. LoganPumphrey


    Hey, I’m Logan, I’m 17 & I’m new here. I haven’t talked to anyone here yet but I love metal, mostly thrash. I don’t listen to much newer bands, most of what I listen to is from the 70s, 80s, & 90s. Anyone wanna talk about metal?
  11. S

    Hi, I’m looking for track recommendations

    Hi, I’m trying to build up a playlist of really hard brutal tracks. I know everyone’s tastes are different, but I’ve looked around a lot and am looking for something that hits just the right spot. When I’m in the mood, I need some seriously hard brutal metal. So far, listening to Cannibal by...
  12. AFTRR

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut aftrr.bandcamp.com Cheers, Download for free and enjoy
  13. StillHorny


    A brand new single from the Serbian heavy/speed metal maniacs Steel Hornet. The song is about a world Governments/politicians destroying our freedom and our lives for their own benefits!!! Check it out!!!
  14. Halberd3

    Is Megadeth Speed metal or Thrash?

    Recently saw a poster floating along on amazon. Reading out "Megadeth- The world's state-of-the-art speed metal band. Honestly it made me think. Does Dave think of Megadeth as speed metal band? Does his fanbase consider them speed metal over thrash? Honestly it confuses me. Does anyone know?
  15. M

    CANDLE - Occult themed heavy metal

    My band Candle have just released our debut demo, with music inspired by Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Savatage and a great number of other bands. I will post links of all the demo tracks, as well as a youtube link to the whole demo. Let me know what you guys think of it!
  16. Dragomilov

    Brave announce second album

    Heart Of Steel Records is proud to announce that the brazilian Power Traditional Metal band BRAVE has just signed for our label that will release their official second album. The album titled “Kill The Bastard” contains 8 songs full of power and energy, an earthquake of drums and a guitar riffs...
  17. G

    Reincidente Nocturno, new promo video from Velocidad 22

    Promo video from Heavy Metal band from Argentina Velocidad 22
  18. H


    Greek Speed/Thrashers Endless Recovery have their second full length album out now by German label Witches Brew on cd format. Heavily inspired by the European Speed/Thrash/Extreme Metal scene of the 80's this release marks a new era for the band , resulting in the perfect mix of mighty Heavy...
  19. S


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/252274060970?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Here you have a full transcription for one of the most awesome solo album of one of the most awesome soloist in the world...
  20. S

    Satan's Fall - "Seven Nights"

    Satan's Fall are a Finnish heavy metal band formed in early 2015 in city of Helsinki. Band is heavily influenced by 80's traditional heavy, speed and US power metal. "Seven Nights" digital demo is available for streaming now on Bandcamp and 7" vinyl (ltd. 333) coming out via Underground Power...