1. FulmBoy

    How do I fix gargling sound in dirty vocals?

    I have this phenomenon where my voice will sound gargly on the track but not irl or on a performance mic. I hypothesize that it's a sensitivity that's similar to that where mic's pick up the letter "s" in exaggeration. What can I do to correct this sound? Rasp > Gargle
  2. SoupKitchenRecords

    Vocal sounds...distant?

    Hello friends. Unlike usually, I'm having a female Pop-singer in next week and was doing some test recordings todays with my U87-style mic for it but the result felt "distant" and far away and I was hoping for some pointers. I was about 6 inches / 15cm away as recommended, had 15dB of preamp...
  3. Jimmy SoulreapeR

    Looking for a black metal songwriter/singer for a project....

    Hi friends, I am looking for a songwiter/singer who could write the lyrics and record the vocal parts of my project. I have some ideas and concept to them. If you are interested, please contact me. I send you the tracks and we see what we can do. Influences from old Darkthrone, Satyricon, Burzum...
  4. MaxoMarto

    Hi everyone! This is my introduction

    Hi, I'm Maxo Marto, from Argentina, 22 years old, student of audio engineering/musical production and I want to show you my Youtube channel, where I upload videos of my productions (Now I just work in covers, but in the future I hope give you some of my compositions)...
  5. MaxoMarto

    Arise - Sepultura (Full Cover) By Maxo Marto

    Hi, my name is Maxo Marto from Argentina and I want to show you my new video! This time about a song which crushed heads over the years! I hope you like it! If you think this is good stuff, I would appreciate the subscribe of my channel, shares, likes, comments and anything you can tell me...
  6. Eternal Tom

    POWERWOLF - Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (Full cover)

    Hi folks! Check this out! Our latest work. Vocals by Valerie Chudentsova (Edenian); Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Molodtsov at Eternal Studio.
  7. metashredeca

    Liliac - Chain of Thorns (Music Video)

    Hello everyone, I have a family rock band and we just released our new music video to our original song Chain of Thorns. I want to know what y'all think?
  8. metashredeca

    Liliac - Chain of Thorns (Music Video)

    Hello everyone, I have a family rock band and we just released our new music video to our original song Chain of Thorns. I want to know what y'all think?
  9. DarkAudioProds

    Looking To Collaborate

    Hey guys, I am fairly new, but I have fallen in love with this place and the community. Everyone here is so great. I did my own vocals for the End Of Heartache multi that went up by Dan from ReampZone.com and Hugo because I didn't like working with a processed stem of Howard's vocals. I Ended up...
  10. metashredeca

    Check out my band playing Enter Sandman by Metallica

    Hello guys! This is my band, Liliac, we are a family rock/metal band and we perform at the Santa Monica pier in California every weekend. We are currently working on our first original album. I would like to share this video of us and I would like to know what you guys think?
  11. D

    Black Metal VOCALIST for 2 tracks.

    Greetings. I play Bass and do production for a black metal band from Greece, Thessaloniki. We are seeking for a session vocalist to record 2 tracks. Main influences: Aggaloch, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc. Everything will be provided (metronome, drum tracks, guitars, lyrics and raw vocal...
  12. NuclearFetus01

    Death Metal Vocal Recording and Training

    I am currently working on writing and recording a death metal album on my own right now. But the only problem is that I simply cannot record the vocals how I want them, the volume isn't right and I can't get them louder without damaging my vocal chords. As far as equipment goes, I have only my...
  13. 3

    Farida Lemouchi's vocals (The Devil's Blood)

    so I'd really love to learn how to do Farida's vocal style. The problem is I have a very young sounding, soft voice but I can sing. Hers is very feminine, clean, and powerful. Based on your experience, I am wondering how I could possibly learn this. Could I learn at home? Do you guys know of any...
  14. DIYistkrieg

    What's happening to extreme metal vocalists???

    Hello everyone, I was checking out some of these "modern bands" lately, and beside having all the same sounds (that's already a "no go" for my personal taste), what I find more annoying is them having all the same vocal styles! I mean, since Whitechapel came out, all the vocalists are doing (or...
  15. Kellii

    Any Rock vocalists wish to start an online collab?

    So I have moved from Scotland to Germany recently and I'm having a hard time to find people to make music with here. I recently have started writing a lot of rock songs for an EP and I am in need of a dedicated vocalist and lyricist to work with. The style is similar to bands like Ugly Kid...
  16. Halberd3

    Do you think vocalists are underestimated?

    I've always feel like when it comes to bands, the vocalist tends to get a lot of flak for some reason. I always thought it was because many people said they don't play instruments. Though the vocals are an instrument themselves. It takes a lot of courage to be on a stage with just the mic in...
  17. Skaadi

    About Growls...

    Hi, I'm new so I don't really know if I posted this in the correct place. Well, I'm a vocalist and I don't want to learn to growl (even though I like a lot of bands that use it) due to the fact that it's a risk to my voice. And if I lose my voice ... it would be an awful tragedy xD. I heard...
  18. Darwinzzz


    Hi ! Sup guys, new member here. I mixed a song recently and would love some comments/tips/or whatever feedback you guys have! So critique the hell out of it! Thank you very much!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/944kvo5ncxyed62/Structured%20Nebulas%20011.mp3?dl=0
  19. D

    Daydreamer - Progressive music from Alabama

    Hey everyone :) My name is Ryan and I play drums in the band Daydreamer. We are a new band based out of Alabama. If you're looking for something new and a bit different then look no further! Here are some links to our Facebook, Bandcamp, and a drum playthrough by me! Also, we are currently...
  20. Abentleymusic

    Discussing Vocals in a Metal Mix!

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested, I made a video upon request to discuss ways to get vocals to sound good in a professional mix! Let me know what ya'll think! And if people have specific things they like to do for vocals i'd love to hear them!