006 and others! New mix, thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated! FREE COOKIES!

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This is a mix of a new song that my band is working on for a demo. Our recording guy is new to this metal thing, so we've been taking a lot of suggestions from many of you here, (which we're very thankful for.)

We'd like some advice on the overall mix of what we have so far, (No leads or vocals at the moment, in the future once this is good.)

Any advice on this mix and how to follow through on these tips?

Enjoy the song, I'm excited just listening to my own bands song...And thanks in advance!

For reference
We used a completely natural kit, no triggers. Two guitars for most of the song. Recorded in Sonar. I can tell you more if you'd like to know.
drums are too quiet, bass guitar is too loud, whole mix sounds dull to me, guitars sound really muddy, sounds like a really bad live recording, i think the drums would sound nice if they had more highs in them and were higher in the mix, i like the music though, so where's my free cookie?!? :loco:
Yeah I think i'd turn down the bass a little turn the drums up a little and do something about the bass drum. It has that "giant jerking off" sound. flup flup flup flup flup, that I'm not very fond of, but maybe it's just because it's to low in the mix that it's that way. Anyway I'd take a look at it.

Guitars sound okay, but they don't seem to be espiecally tightly played, no big deal though. maybe cut a little at like 400-800hz? I'm guessing. Anyway play around with them a bit and if you have C4, you know...

Have any thing of the guitar or bass drum by themself?
yeah I actually don't have anything of the guitars or bass themselves. I'm kind of the middle man getting the advice to give to our recording guy...its silly.

So do you really think bringing up the whole set (including the bass drum) up a touch would really help it out? I suppose we could do that without a lot of problems.

What would the cutting around 400-800hz do for the guitars? Would that make it clearer or anything? Thanks for checking it out!
Actually I tried it (400-800hz thing) on a guitar sound of mine that I think is similer and it didn't really help so I take that back. I was hoping it would make it less muddy. Not really. Oh well.

What amp did you use for the guitars?

EDIT: incase you're wondering what it DID do, it sucked out all the balls. If I did it in the higher range it sounded scooped and if I did it in the lower range it sounded like black metal. :yuk:
yeah, it seems like we keep having problems with it. They were sounding good alone. Once the guitars were added in, it buried the drums and I realized that the snare and the kick among the rest of the set was way too quiet.

I fear that we're going to have to let this slide for now since its the demo...we didn't mic the set right. We're trying to get as much out of it for now though.
Drums are going to be brought up in the new mix, bass down just a touch.

Would you guys agree with these thoughts of mine?

From what I can hear, and this is for reference, corban is guitar left, and I'm guitar right.

Apparently I didn't play the first few notes during the run at 1.05-1.06 To make it SEEM like it meant to be this way...perhaps you could have the first "dun dun dun dah!" on my side, then swap it back over to corbans, and then both me and him come in. I think that'd be a cool effect (MORE OF THAT EFFECT!!) and a great way to cover up the mistake. Who knows, we may like it and want to keep it for the real version we record in the summer.

1.31-1.41: Corban (L) his melody lines are somewhat buried in the mix. For this part, perhaps bringing him up a db or two would really make it stand out.

1.43-2.03: Corban's (L) clean guitar is REALLY buried in the mix. It is really hard to hear him. The acoustic guitar is great with levels, I'm not sure if we can give it more balls? It seems like its lacking a low end and just sounds very tiny because of it. It doesn't bother me that much though.

2.03-2.27: My guitar (R) should be in the middle at this part. Not only because there are two clean guitars on both the left and right, and then theres TWO guitars on the right, but the lead guitars that will be playing over the rhythm will be left and right. Just automating this section so its in the middle for this part would really make it sound a lot better.

2.27-2.49: Corban's (R80%?) Pink Floydish guitar is really freaking low in the mix. You can still hear it, but maybe just a touch louder would be really cool. I like where it's placed though, works well considering I play the same notes the whole time and THEN corban changes to the harmony. So it's great placement, just needs to be a touch louder.

3.20-3.29: Corban's lead guitar (L80%?) isn't up in the mix enough. That melody needs to stand out more than the rhythm in this part, so boosting it up a bit would be great.

3.52-4.14: Corban's (R805?) Pink Floyd Guitar once again. Same as the 2.27-2.49 part.

4.45-4.54/5: Same as 3.20-3.29. Corban's (L80%?) Lead guitar part needs to be up more.

5.07-5.29 : I know we recorded julio's bass a few times here, I was wondering if we could bring out the high end a touch more. There is NO clicking going on here at all...I think the high end would help that out....I think...?

6.27-6.39: Same thing with Corban's lead guitar (L80%?) It' needs to be up a little bit more.